Mr. Ofir Shaar: It is Simply Sad


gsSpeaking with Channel 2 News on Monday night the eve of 2 Menachem Av, Mr. Ofir Shaar, the father of Gilad HY”D explained “it is simply sad that it takes such painful event like the kidnapping of the three boys to achieve achdus. Why can’t we be this way all the time? I hope the achdus that exists at present continues”.

Mr. Shaar explains that while he and his wife have complaints regarding the handling of some aspects of the kidnapping, they prefer to leave their criticism at home and to publically exhibit achdus and understanding for this is what is needed.

He added that he and his wife are confident that the boys died for a purpose, and we understand this today, bringing some comfort to their pain. He explains that who could have understood weeks ago that the kidnapping murder, the re-arrest of terrorists released in the Shalit deal and subsequent heavy rocket fire would have led to this, and the miracles that Operation Protective Edge has unveiled.

The Shaars continue calling for achdus for they are confident this is what must be learned from all the tragedy that has befallen so many.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. While I cannot understand, and can only try to sympathize with, their pain, I must disagree that the current situation is what brought about the achdus we are sensitive to right now. Has the tefilah of “acheinu kol beis Yisroel” not been recited at least twice weekly all around the world with special kavanah for many years already? In the case of most of the Yeshivos and Batei Midrash and Batei K’neisiyos I have been in, ever since the Gedolei Yisroel have required it be said after the the recitation of 1 – 3 kapitlach tehillim, it has been said every day and sometimes 2 or three times a day (let alone those mikomos which have several minyanim for Shacharis and Mincha daily).

    If we would not be moved, once again, to double our efforts on behalf of all our brethren, in light of current events, we would be cold and heartless people.

    It is sad that some people are surprised, perhaps shocked, that all Yidden care about each other (yes even the “chareidim” care about the Sefardim and yes even the “ultra-Orthodox” care about the DL community, and yes a of the above care about the “chilonim”). Who invented a these titles anyway? I never – NEVER – heard them in Yeshiva. I never – NEVER – read it in my newspapers. I never – NEVER – heard it in a shiur or Shabbos drashah.

    Achdus? We grew up with it. It’s in our tefilos. It’s in our teshuvah and at our tischen.

    Partners in Torah, Torah Mates, Oorah, Project Inspire are not achdus?

    The pain is great. But so is the tremendous oneness of the One’s nation.

    Someone has suggested, by the way, that the murder of these three kedoshim is what averted the planned Rosh HaShannah pogrom. Is there a greater achdus than that?

  2. Moshiach is still obviously not here, so even more achdus amongst klal yisrael is needed. If we are doing what we are suppose to be, then we would not be in Galus any longer. Moshiach would be here, and he will help us fight the enemy. I urge everyone to listem to Rabbi Yedid shuir on called “dishonest reporting” Maybe just maybe, if we start looking to the torah, to help us in this battle, then, we will be the victors, and all will know Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Achad.