Chicago: Lincolnwood Mayor Refuses To Take Down “Palestinian” Jihad Flag Raised Alongside The American Flag



Monday night meeting over a Palestinian flag in north suburban Lincolnwood was intense but civil much of the way before emotions spilled over among some in attendance, with one man leaving after being chastised by the mayor.

A Palestinian flag that was the subject of heated debate on Monday is part of a display of about 60 international flags along Lincoln Avenue that stretches from Devon to Touhy. (Jessica Tezak, Chicago Tribune)

The flag that was the subject of heated debate is part of a display of about 60 international flags along Lincoln Avenue that stretches from Devon to Touhy. Several residents have recently asked that the Palestinian flag be removed, but village officials say they have no plans to do so. Community members spoke in favor of and against the flag before the village’s human relations committee.

The meeting briefly devolved into yelling toward the end.

“We’ve seen on television there are Palestinian mothers teaching their children from their youth to murder, to hate, to blow yourself up, anything for the cause,” said resident Sherry Friedman. She was asked to sit down by Mayor Gerald Turry and complied.

Many in the crowd that spilled into the aisles grew angry, and one man yelled “terrorist scum shut up.”

The man was later admonished by the mayor.

Many speakers thanked the village for keeping the flag. The display is erected each August to celebrate diversity in this suburb of about 12,500, where 42 different languages are spoken in its homes, according to school data. Members of the public donate the flags, which can represent a nationality, ethnicity or country.



  1. With all due respect, there are many problems with this article.1-If those “international flags” are countries and this one flag is of a specific Palestinian jihad organization, then this is indeed blatant anti semitism,and can be considered criminal.2-If it’s the PA flag,which is accepted by the UN and Israel as Palestine’s legitimate representatives, there’s not much you can do against that and fighting
    it is not helpful.It is also not
    considered the flag of jihad and they see it simply as a flag of a people. 3-If the international flags are of international organizations it would depend what other organizations are there but certainly
    all types of murderers flags should not be advertised.In short,make this article readable.

  2. Don’t think the last sentence was there when I first read this article.Anyway if it’s a jihad flag it should be illegal and PA would have to be allowed.