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Horrific Accident Claims the Life of a Child in Bnei Brak R”L [UPDATED]

candle914A 5-year-old girl was run over twice by a vehicle parking on Yirmiyahu Street in Bnei Brak on Tuesday 1 Rosh Chodesh Elul. The horrified mother who saw what was taking place shouted at the driver, but the latter did not hear her. She was transported to the hospital while CPR was performed. She was pronounced dead in the hospital a short time after arriving.

At 12:59 the call came in to Hatzalah that a vehicle struck a child on Yirmiyahu Street. Witnesses explain a jeep struck the girl while trying to park. Ichud Hatzalah EMT Shmulik Berkowitz reports he was at the scene within a minute of receiving the call. CPR was initiated immediately.

EMTs and paramedics on the scene report she sustained severe head injuries. She was transported by a MDA paramedic ambulance as CPR and advanced life support measures continued. She was pronounced dead by doctors in Tel Hashomer Hospital.

Hatzalah Gush Dan director Ushi Slomowitz told Kikar Shabbos “it appears the jeep was parking and simply did not see the child. The mother shouted but the vehicle’s windows were shut and the driver did not hear the shouts”.

UPDATE: The levaya of 5-year-old Sara Chachimi  took place earlier this evening in Bnei Brak, at 18:00. The kvura was in the Yarkon Beis Hachaim.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Yaakov Weingarten, News 24)

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  1. arizona,
    why in the world would you say such a thing?!
    he or she is not trying to act frum. it hurts that person to see so many tzoros happening. why is there always a problem?. i feel terrible for this family its so painfull. im with them in their painfull pain, im so sorry.

  2. @coffee addict, I hear you. It is crazy. It’s not enough to say, ‘Oh, you know it’s really the same amount of stuff that happens all the time and because we have computers we hear more.” No, I believe, we are seeing an increase in serious incidences and accidents that end tragically these days.
    Are we more sensitive to them? I think so. Are we more sensitive to this since there has been an escalation to the ongoing war? I think so.
    I really do pray that Moshiach comes very very soon.

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