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VIDEO: Parents of Aaron Sofer Plead for Assistance in Locating their Missing Son

CaptureThe search for Aaron Sofer has finally caught the attention of the mainstream media. Various news outlets are just waking up to the news that an American studying in Israel has gone missing without a trace. There are currently no leads that point to any direction as to the whereabouts of the missing boy. In an effort to locate missing Aaron, his parents have realeased a video pleading for public assistance in finding the boy. Fears are mounting and tensions are high as the first day of elul zman started albeit without the 23 year old boy.

A Family spokesman  said on Monday “A physically, mentally and emotionally healthy young man does not go missing for 72 hours”

His parents have announced a 100,000 ILS reward to anyone that has information leading to the finding of their son.

Aaron Sofer, 23, of Lakewood, went hiking in the Beit Zayit area of the Jerusalem forest with a friend on Friday when the two became separated at approximately 12 p.m., local time, while they were navigating down a steep incline.

Please daven for Aaron ben Chulda

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  1. While we should all hope he is found soon and safe, there is something about the apparent indifference of the authorities in EY about this missing hiker that leads to the belief there is information we are not privy to that accounts for this apparent indifference. For some reason, the authorities don’t seem to have the same passion and concern about this case as other recent cases. If he was kidnapped and being held hostage by the Palestinians, which seems more likely each day, than the negotiations for his safe return will be difficult since he was not an active duty chayal and the government has established a new policy of absolutely no more trades for terrorists when civilians are being held.

  2. “Aaron Sofer, 23, of Lakewood, went hiking in the Beit Zayit area of the Jerusalem forest with a friend on Friday when the two became separated at approximately 12 p.m”

    and his friend just left the woods without him???

  3. Enough of blaming the Israeli government & finger pointing to those in charge.

    Lots of questions here, where were cellphones? E/o knows when hiking either have cell phone or walkie talkie to stay connected. What happened from noon till 6pm & then why didn’t search begin immediately after reported.

    Situation in Israel is wartime from three borders. All rescue, emergency, military & helpers are overwhelmed with southern citizens. Houses, mall, shuls destroyed… Gas leaks, electrical wires exposed, EMTS rushing from place to place. Reservists called up & in waiting… Besides this Pikuach nefesh, BH a search is on & every cave & bush is being checked in the Jerusalem Forest. Gd willing we are waiting for yeshuos!!!

  4. #2. you are so dumb that it’s really not worth answering, but you deserve an answer. You think that the black hat makes a difference in this case? what planet did you drop in from? You can hate Israel but to say that with the info they have, alot more than you have, they aren’t doing enough is beyond dumb. Maybe there is more that they are doing than you and your genius’s in good old USA know. Wow. I am sure glad you are not my pprotector.

  5. this is absolutely ridiculous….a Jew calling another Jew dumb because of a comment he/she made….that is absolutely assur and falls under the category of onas divarim…to disagree is one thing but to give a derogatory name?! when Hashem causes these things to happen its supposed to bring achdus in Klal Yisrael!

  6. Don’t understand why this 12 – 6 thing seems problematic to people. Took a hike, went different directions (not an Ein Gedi or particularly difficult hike),figured he finished before or after.Went back,prepared for Shabbos.Only when didn’t see him in dorm or apt.did he begin worrying.Not good but easily understandable

  7. Please confirm that the name is אהרון בן חולדה rather than ארון בן חולדה. The article notes “Aaron” so not sure if that reflects the Hebrew pronunciation.

  8. yobwej #3, zionflag #4 and Git Meshige #5 –

    No, the friend didn’t “just leave him”. They separated, on purpose, to hike different routes through the forest: the steep but direct route which the friend took, and the easy grade some distance away to which Aharon headed. After the friend reached the bottom, he called up to Aharon – still at the top of the hill – to let him know that he made it down safely. Aharon acknowledged this verbally and proceeded away toward the easier route.

    Splitting up was not the best decision, considering everything that’s going on in Israel, but placing blame on the bochurim for what they did or didn’t do (cellphones, walkie talkies) is just wrong. This is not the forum for “Hiking Safety 101”. And immediately condemning his friend as a murderer, which is essentially what you just did…really? Why were you compelled to share that? What good could it possibly do?

    PLEASE let’s all just stick together and daven and tear the Heavens apart with our crying so that Aharon ben Chulda returns home safely. H-shem is the ONLY answer right now.

    (BTW I know all of these details bc he is my cousin. I couldn’t stand reading these comments, people accusing and arguing while my family’s collective heart is breaking.

    To paraphrase rc #7: what’s going to bring my cousin Aharon back, sinas chinam or achdus???)

  9. Hi Sophie….can you please help us understand why the police nor the army is getting involved in the search? It can’t be because he is not a soldier…..if so, why was the army searching tirelessly for the 3 teens?
    I’m really in the dark about this.

  10. To those criticizing the Israeli Government.
    What specifically should the Israeli Government be doing that they’re not?

    This is (for the most part) a rhetorical question. I highly doubt that anyone here criticising the Israeli government, knows either:
    a) What the government is already doing and has done. Nor,
    b) How best to conduct SAR operations.

    It’s easy to sit at home anonymously criticizing the Israeli government, playing the black-hat victim card, when we don’t know what we’re talking about. It seems that the teva is to think we’re a bukey in alla zachin, the emes is that we’re really grosa ameratzim in these iyunim. Remember, one of the Mem-ches kinyunay Torah is “Hamakir es Mikomo”. I think a-bissl anevus and a-sach hakaras hatov are in order here, rather than ignorant criticism.

    On a lighter note, I’m curious as to what the oilum taynus about Rav Shteinman saying that bochurim from the Mir should help in the search tomorrow, but only Israeli Buchrim. (I.E. why not American Buchrim as well?)

  11. I’m sure the relevant authorities have information which we don’t, and I have no doubt they are holding it back from us on order to have an advantage in the search. I also have no doubt that while splitting up & not carrying a cellphone while on a hike is not smart, and people will take this into consideration in the future, none of those silly people who write nasty comments are helping, and they are better off keeping their thoughts to themselves. This will benefit the readers, and it will simply make these people look smart(er). Calling people silly names makes you look like a two year old, and lands you in Gehinom (where you can meet the entire Hamas leadership and scream at them). Let’s retain the Achdus that we make whenever these stories happen, so that we won’t have to have another one.

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