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NEW YORK: Jewish Couple Attacked by Thugs that Fled in Vehicles Decorated with Palestinian Flags

palestine_flag002_16x9A group of thugs sympathetic to the Palestinian narrative attacked a Jewish couple as they walked down the street on the Upper East side of New York.  The attack, which happened after 8:00 PM started with anti Semitic slurs before it turned violent.

Two cars and multiple motorcycles pulled up to the couple on East 63rd Street near Third Avenue just after 8 p.m. The husband and wife were targeted as the man wore a Yarmulka and it was obvious that they were Jewish.

Eye witness accounts state that the cars were decked with Palestinian flags and bumper stickers. The arab group pulled up to the unassuming Jewish couple as they cursed them with anti semetic slurs and taunts. Then one of the thugs threw a full water bottle at the man’s wife and hit her in the head. The man stood in front of his cowering wife to protect her and was subsequently attacked by the group. Members of the group punched the man in the face and fled the scene in their Palestinian decorated vehicles. Sources tell YWN  that the couple were not seriously injured and refused medical attention at the scene.

(Yitzchok Begin – YWN)

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  1. New York City is so crowded at all times with pedestrians and cars, how didnt anyone get the perps’ license plate numbers? These days everyone’s phone has a camera. And Im sure theres loads of security cameras in that area.

    And with that no information?

  2. How is it the murderers and attackers of Jews are never found or apprehended.
    The murderers a month ago of the the Rabbi in Florida – What ever happened ?

  3. #2, of coarse only when a black is involved will you find Sharpton. In all fairness when was the last time you saw Dov Hikind stand up against black racism? Everyone has an agenda and its unfair to criticize Sharpton when our own would also be missing in action when an injustice is done to a different race

  4. Neither the New York Times nor Daily News web sites has a report on this incident.

    Where did Mr. Begin, of YWN, get this information? Was he an eyewitness? Did he see a police report of the incident? Did the attackees give him the information in this article? Does this information from from an at-large yenta?

    YWN could improve its credibility by better sourcing its stories.

  5. If this report is true:

    It is time for us to mobilize our own. Rebuild a new version of the JDL only against ARAB-TERROR and pull out all the stops! They have something like this in Paris where the police don’t really do anything.
    We can NOT rely on the police who would sweep it under the rug while we can get badly hurt. Look at the knock-out game. How many of them were arrested????
    I know we are in Golis. But they do not have any rights to spill Jewish blood!

  6. nfgo3: Why do you give more credence to the Daily Shmutz than to YWN? I don’t see you demanding sources from the Daily Shmutz.

  7. Don’t be silly. Mayor Sharpton is very busy now with the Ferguson charade. His deputy, the hip & cool Deblasio, is very busy with his Pre K. The fraud, Bratton, is being honored yet again by some loser Organization. The beating of Jews will just have to wait.

  8. To commenter no. 7: My comment had nothing to do with any other publication than YWN. I merely pointed out that the above story has no sources. I don’t think the YWN editors made this up. I merely pointed out that they have not identified any sources for the story, other than the author, and he did not report that he was an eye witness or saw a police report, or spoke to an eye witness or the victims ….

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