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Homeland Security Chief Says ISIL Not Only Threat

dhsThe head of the Homeland Security Department says that while the surging Islamic State group is taking most U.S. attention now, officials must stay on top of other terrorist threats as well.

Secretary Jeh (jay) Johnson says the US should “not let our guard down,” even as it gears up for confrontation the Islamic militants.

Interviewed on CNN Thursday, Johnson calls the Islamic State group “a dangerous organization.”But he also says officials also are keeping tabs on possible domestic terrorist plots and must watch organizations like al-Qaida on the Arabian Peninsula.

Johnson says in the interview that he wants to avoid trying to rank one terrorist organization over another in terms of threat, although he concedes the Islamic State group currently is the issue of greatest concern in Washington.


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  1. The President has stated that the U.S. will not recognize any safe havens. But he has forgotten: if the ISIL terrorists hide among civilians, they will be entirely safe. Right, Mr. President?
    The President has also stated that he will not just contain, but will degrade and destroy ISIL. But why? Hamas is an equally dastardly organization, and the President made sure Israel would not destroy them. Maybe, Mr. President, you should just work for a ceasefire with ISIL, as you pressed Israel to accept with Hamas?

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