Jewish Youths Arrested for Spitting at Arab Vendor


mishJerusalem police from the David District on Tuesday, 14 Elul, arrested four Jewish teens, all 14-years-old. According to the report, they spat at an Arab vendor near Kever David HaMelech, shouting at him “Go to Gaza!”

The suspects learn in the yeshiva at the kever. They were taken into custody and released that night with restrictions governing their movements. Police wanted them barred from the Old City for 60 days and demanded a 1000 shekel bond from each of them.

Since their arrest it has been learned there were no witnesses and the case is simply the word of the vendor against the four. Despite this and despite the fact the alleged ‘crime’ is a minor offense, police insisted the youths must be distanced from the Old City and that the incident is far from a minor one. Police want the incident treated as a nationalistic attack.

Defense attorney Naftali Wurtzburger is representing the youths on behalf of Honenu. He expressed shock over the decision to bar the youths from their Torah studies and the Old City over the reported complaint.

With the conclusion of the hearing the court learned the argument that broke out between the parties was a business disagreement and nothing to do with a racist incident. The court instructed the youths not to come within 100 meters of the merchant in the coming month.

Despite repeated criticism regarding the unprofessional biased position of police, nothing is done to prevent a reoccurrence of such instances in the future.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. And what’s being done about the doctor who told an elderly Jewish woman to “Go to Gaza”? Can we bar him from selectively earning his parnassah from the patients he chooses to treat?

  2. According to the way this story was reported, the police were certainly acting “unprofessional and biased”. On that note, I think YWN articles would be a bit more reader friendly and professional if they were not biased. Personally, I like to read an un-opinionated article & then form an opinion myself. I believe this view is shared by the YWN readership. Thanks!