Free Jewish Software – What’s Available?


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There are many Free Apps – some are good and some are not worth the time to download.
Here are some hot links for iPhone / iPad Apps for Chumash and Daf Yomi.

Some cost as little as .99 and that’s almost free – and are in fact worth a lot more.
I know of just such an App for Android  – check it out – you will not be disappointed.

Not to misrepresent myself, I work for Torah Educational Software the largest Jewish Software Developer in Israel. You can see what’s new  in Jewish Software at .

TES is a mecca for Parents and Teachers looking for software to help their kids in Hebrew Day School.

Rabbis also love that website since it is the home of Bar Ilan University’s famous Judaic Library which is arguably the best Jewish Software application ever made.

If you do not have a Bar Ilan – you should consider it. If you want one, write me and I’ll get you a deal. Today is last day of Bar Ilan 50th Anniversary Sale, so let me know if you are interested and I’ll get back to you with the special price. You can write me at [email protected] and mention you saw it on Yeshiva World.

And finally just to thank you for considering TES – I have a totally Free Software package for you. It Lists for over $30 now it’s Free – No Strings Attached. This is a something practical – it will speed up and optimize your computer. Click to View

PS: Share the Free Offer with anyone who needs to speed up their computer – Offer expires 9/22/14