A New Form of Terrorism With Jewish Girls as the Victims


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CaptureIsrael is facing a new front with the Arabs.  A terrorism that is fought with roses.  They target young, vulnerable Jewish girls and they often pretend they are Jewish.  “He wore a kippa and said Amen to brachas,” explained Sara, a girl who was rescued from a village.  I had no idea he wasn’t Jewish until he took me to his home.”

Jewish girls all over the country and from every class and nationality are falling into these traps.  “It has definitely hit the frum world, explained Patty Kupfer from Learn and Return (www.learnandreturn.org.il) No one is immune. They target the most vulnerable girls who are lacking love and acceptance and shower them with gifts and attention.  Before she realizes it, she is hooked and he takes her into his village never to return.  The abuse these girls suffer is unbelievable”, explained Kupfer.

Organizations estimate that there are over 10,000 Jewish girls in Arab villages.  Though they may go willingly at first, they are not free to leave.  Hotlines in Israel receive over 1,000 calls a year from girls begging to be rescued.  “What percentage does the 1,000 phone calls represent?  How many girls are really trapped and how many can’t get to a phone? “asked Kupfer.

Learn and Return tries to prevent girls from getting trapped be reaching out to them when they are still in the relationship stage.  They have saved over 300 girls to date.  For more information or to donate, please go towww.learnandreturn.org.il


  1. The reason one might want to take such stories with a “grain of salt”, is that all Arabs under Israeli rule are living in a police state to an even greater extent than is true of Jews. A girl need only walk up to a policeman – slug him – and get arrested (remember that’s a political offense so they come down hard on it), and once arrested she is “rescued” since she then tells her story to the police. Arabs in Israel have a status like Blacks in America under Jim Crow, and the story would only make sense in a Muslim country where a woman could expect that if she slugs a cop the result would be she would be turned over to her husband for punishment – which isn’t what happens in Israel.

  2. akuperma: How many girls will think of slugging an Arab policeman? Extremely few. And they will fear that the Arab police will protect her Arab husband rather than herself. Even if it weren’t so, she wouldn’t know better. Sharia law considers wives to be their husbands property.

    That being said, you may be correct that there are very few girls in this situation.

  3. With all due respect to #1, I am assuming they have never had a sister or female child. I think that when it comes to having rachmanus in this situation, we need to put down our “gemara” brains, and feel something for these victims.

    I have lived in Israel and know that these Arab ” slick Ricks” operate smoothly. They are persistent and take a ” mail out approach”. Out of the 100 girls they hit on, they are just looking for 1 to take the bait.

    Does “Learn and Return” have an office in New York or Canada. Would anyone be willing to set one up? This would be an amazing speaking tour, as we have many Aishes Chayils who have the time and resources to help”. I have emailed them to do something concrete.

    Remember , we are all guarantors for each other.

  4. They basically follow the Halochos of Yefas To’har. The Rambam describes clearly how one should hold on to the Yefas To’har whom he captured from the opposition nation.

  5. Akuperma, the women need not be physically restrained to be trapped. Moreover your premise is wrong. Israel does not police the Arab areas and even in the Israeli Arab cities the police hardly ever engage and when they do it is with Arab policemen.

  6. #1 Story is accurate & sorrowful .

    The supermarkets in Betar, HarNof, Nvei Yaakov, Ramat Eshkol are full of Arab workers. They befriend the girls when shopping, on their way to school,etc. It is easy to begin a relationship when showering the girls with jewelry, food & makeup.

    Love & marriage is the result. Abuse is rampart.., they need our support, help & assistance.

  7. The police in Israel are commanded by Jews, and almost all are Jews. Israeli law totally ignores shariah law. The Arabs are in fact quite oppresses, especially the more Muslim ones. The Israelis have conquered the Arabs, and rule with an iron fist. Their ability at monitoring what is truely amazing (yes, it’s unAmerican, but they aren’t American).

    If an Israeli Jew is being held against her will, she would have to be kept confined. If they took her shopping, or to a doctor, or a school, or on a street – she only needs to walk up to an Israeli policeman and she’s managed an escape.

    The narrative of evil Arabs kidnapping sweet innocent frum girls just doesn’t sound true. It resembles the absurd accounts of African Americans under Jim Crow and slavery kidnapping white women (BTW, the Nazis said the same things about Jews). Those who were conquered don’t get to do the grabbing of the conqueror’s women – it just doesn’t work out that way.

  8. Mr Kuperman, why is it that every article about these girls that appears on this website is followed by you claiming that the whole thing is a lie because they can ‘slap a policeman’? are you aware that
    1. there are no jewish policemen in arab villages
    2. these women are locked in their husbands homes as prisoners until they have children. once they have children they are never allowed out with the children to ensure that if they try to escape they will be forced to abandon their children?
    If yes, why do you keep making ridiculous comments? and if no, why do you keep making uninformed comments?

  9. No one is immune yet they target girls lacking love. I strongly suspect that no girl with an emotionaly healthy background would get taken in but we need an expert opinion on this. (And wether its true to assume better overall emotional health by chareidim despite the hyper anxious ocd tendency stereotype)

  10. @akuperma

    I’m not sure if you’re speaking out of extreme ignorance, are trying desperately to be funny, or are some loony anti-Israel troll but your posts are laughable.

    –“A girl need only walk up to a policeman – slug him – and get arrested (remember that’s a political offense so they come down hard on it), and once arrested she is “rescued” since she then tells her story to the police.”

    Yeah because afterwards she wouldn’t be tried for assault and battery (of a public servant no less). What a way to spit in the face of battered women the world over.

    –“Arabs in Israel have a status like Blacks in America under Jim Crow”

    Um, no, actually it’s nothing like that at all and you clearly know absolutely nothing about American history and are simply trying to slander Israel. Jim Crow laws prevented blacks from voting, whereas Israeli Arabs can vote. In fact, voting laws in Israel are generally more liberal than those of the United States, where most felons can’t vote even after serving their sentences, whereas in Israel they can vote even while sitting in jail. So you can’t even claim some disproportionate consequences nonsense. The other side of Jim Crow was segregation. Well if there’s any segregation in Israel, it’s in the Arab sector, where it’s impossible for Jews to even attempt to find employment. Arabs work in Jewish areas – and are protected by law with the iron fist of the Supreme Court. Private businesses are similarly barred from discrimation against customers. So, no, your statement is just wrong in every sense.

    –“The police in Israel are commanded by Jews, and almost all are Jews.”

    You’ve clearly never lived in Israel if you think that. It’s also totally irrelevant to the subject.

    –“The Arabs are in fact quite oppresses, especially the more Muslim ones.”

    Oppressed because they have full rights, the vote, affirmative action on their behalf, and an aggressive judiciary to defend them?

  11. Remeber that chasuna 2 weeks ago with mohamed to morel??

    Akuperma, it happens all the time. You info is inaccurate. Apparently not familiar with the situation here in Israel.

  12. COMMENTERS….you are in la la la land.

    A group of Israeli women together with Rabbi Besser of Flatbush yeshiva’s seniors made a Melave Malkah in a home for “Escaped Girls (some were as young as 15 yrs old)from Arab villages”. There is a SECURE home for them (since their abused male companions want them back to clean floors, cook meals and entertain all the male cousins plus much undesirable behaviors)in Kiryat Yovel with a Sephardic am habayit, who is loving, warm and totally dedicated.

    Some of the girls with two children already are from Charedi/Religious homes. They befriended these “boyfriends” who they thought were Jewish in their neighborhoods doing construction, deliveries, working in market places and cleaning their BEIS YAKOV HIGH SCHOOLs. WHY do these girls get involved, that is a story of its own? The youngest girl in Kiryat Yovel was from Kiryat Sefer, a middle child of 13 children – who was not succeeding in school or any social settings. U can imagine??

    They marry these guys & are then taken to an Arab Village where the clan lives. They are treated like less than DIRT, especially knowing they are Jewish and their kids are bullied, abused and cursed. The girls in high schools have to be warned, educated and informed — they do not believe the reality till it is TOOOOOOO LATE!!

  13. “If they took her shopping, or to a doctor, or a school, or on a street – she only needs to walk up to an Israeli policeman and she’s managed an escape.””

    YEP, and the next day her DEAD INFANT/CHILD will be delivered to the home of her parents in a black garbage bag, that is why they are hidden in SECURE HOMES for a few months.

  14. Also many of the Sephardic girls speak and understand Arabic from their homes & grandparents, so there is a slight comfort level in the beginning of the relationship. The guys say they are from Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi families (Jewish, of course) and the excitement of the male/female game begins.

  15. akuperma: The story says these girls are being taken to ARAB VILLAGES under PA (or Hamas) authority. You are mistakenly assuming it is saying that the Arabs keep them in Israel proper.

  16. akuperma it is obvious you don’t live in Israel
    # 1 There are no Jewish policeman in Palestinian areas
    #2 Israel is divided (Besides Chevron which has its’ own laws ) into 3 basic areas.

    Area A (full civil and security control by the Palestinian Authority)
    This area includes eight Palestinian cities and their surrounding areas (Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jericho and 80 percent of Hebron), with no Israeli settlements. Entry into this area is forbidden to all Israeli citizens. The Israel Defense Forces occasionally enters the area to conduct raids to arrest suspected militants.

    Area B (Palestinian civil control and joint Israeli-Palestinian security control)

    This area includes some 440 Palestinian villages and their surrounding lands, and no Israeli settlements.

    Area C (full Israeli civil and security control)
    Plus most girls are chained and locked into their homes when the husbands are gone
    why don’t you listen to some of the Jewish women who have escaped this horrible nightmare.

    Yes ,sadly this story is very true and a horrible epidemic !!

    My son was best friends with an Arab called AMI for 6 months and he had no idea whatsoever he was an Arab until one day he went to his house