Rabbi Pinto Signs a Deal to Become a State Witness Against Senior Police Commander Of 443 Unit


pintoIt is now official as Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto on Wednesday, 22 Elul signed an agreement with the prosecution to become a state witness in his ongoing trial. Rav Pinto will be the state’s star witness against former senior Israel Police officer Menashe Arbiv. The deal presently includes the rav serving a year in prison but his defense team is working to have his punishment changed that it will not include a period of imprisonment. In all likelihood the final decision will be rendered by the court.

As a result of the unfolding case, Arbiv was compelled to resign as head of the 433 unit, Israel’s FBI, and leave the force. While he insists he should be the state witness against Pinto, the state views the case from the other side.

Rav Pinto is accused to attempting to bribe high-ranking officers to assist him with information pertaining to investigations against him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The plea bargain includes an admission of rabbi Pinto that he bribed and threatened senior police officials. In the past, rabbi Pinto denied doing this and stated that if he were to be found guilty of bribery he would shave off his beard and cease to be a rabbi. He will now, through his own admission, be found guilty of bribery. Will he live up to his promise and retire from the rabbinate? Time will tell.