“Tehuva Starts in the Mind” with Rabbi Jonathan Rietti


riettiThe Brooklyn community was delighted to host a  pre-Rosh Hashana event, featuring renowned speaker Rabbi Jonathon Rietti.   The program, titled “Teshuva Starts in The Mind: Check up from the Neck Up”  took place Tuesday, September 16th at  Sasson V’Simcha.  Over 200 participants were inspired, moved, and entertained as they learned to see  how far reaching are the Mitzvos in the Torah relevant to taking responsibility for our attitude.  Rabbi Rietti explained that the “lev” refers to one’s mind and how it is one’s obligation to take control of his mind and thoughts, and keep them positive.  Just like Hashem ended the creation of each day, even the sixth day when Adam and Chava sinned, with the words “kee tov”, i.e. “it is good”, we have the mandate to train our minds to see all aspects of our lives as good. T’shuva, he explained, is the ultimate example of a mitzvah which involves training our minds-  yes, with regret for the past, but with a healthy, positive  focus on our future.

Proceeds from the lecture went to to support the children of desperate families in our community. If you were not able to attend, please send your contribution to Congregation Supporters of Torah, c/o Prosky, 646 East 7th street, Brooklyn, NY 11218

May your concern for your neighbors’ families  and their children serve as a zchus for you and your loved ones. K’siva V’Chasima Tova!

Congregation Supporters of Torah



  1. If I was “not able to attend- I can send in my donation”. Can I also get a recording of the Shiur?
    It really annoys me that many these speakers and rabbis will not allow u to attend or get a copy unless u pay.
    I guess it’s a business.
    I hope r Raetti and others see this.