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Israeli Downs Syrian Fighter Jet in Israeli Airspace

breakingThe air force fired a patriot missile at a Syrian fighter plane in Israeli airspace on Tuesday morning, 28 Elul, downing the aircraft.

Israel’s air defense system fired a patriot missile at the plane which crossed into Israeli airspace from Syria. The pilot and navigator ejected and landed safely in Syrian territory. At this time it is unclear if the incursion was intentional or a navigational error. The IDF is investigating.

A senior military official reports the plane was a Sukhoi 24 fighter plane, which was intercepted near Quneitra. The aircraft was about 800 meters in Israeli territory when the patriot was fired. It was downed within 80 seconds. The officer quoted by Walla News added the plane was heading towards Israel when the decision was made to down it but it was turning around back towards Syria when it was hit by the patriot.
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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