PHOTOS: Car Crashes Into ‘Seasons’ Supermarket On Main St In Queens [UPDATED]



A vehicle slammed into the Seasons Supermarket on Main Street and 68th Road, Tuesday afternoon. The accident happened just after 1:00PM.

A Queens Hatzolah member who works in the store began triaging the injured, as Hatzolah ambulances began arriving. At least four people were injured and being transported to local hospitals – some from inside the supermarket.

The FDNY is on the scene as well as the NYPD.

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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. @opinonsincluded
    Buddies of mine from the FDNY responded… Elderly man was at the wheel, and as you can see from the pictures, he hit the plate glass in reverse… At a decent speed… He was injured, and according to my buddies there was a single (as in one [1]) additional injury inside… Not four (4) as stated in the article… Two of the windows are entirely gone, the car was towed away, and a fire truck (incidentally my buddy’s) E315 broke down as they were pulling away from the scene… Lol… There’s an NYPD ESU truck on scene as well, and they’re conducting the investigation… Other than that, I don’t (think I) know if there’s anything else… What kind of rumors have you been hearing?

  2. The injured person from inside the store is my brother-in-law who works at Seasons. Both of his legs are broken resulting in needing surgery. He’s such a social, on-the-move guy so I can’t even imagine him laid up for over a month recuperating. If anyone’s interested, I’m sure he’d be over the moon to receive get well cards (he’s the type to REALLY appreciate them!) and I’d bet that Seasons would be willing to collect the cards to forward to him.

  3. this store has a bad omen before yom tovim. before they opened 2 years ago they were hit with vandalism in the form of a fire during the first days of pesach that forced the store to remain closed (actually NEVER OPEN THEIR DOORS) till that summer! Now this before Yom Hadin! IDK something is up! But it’s miraculous how if you walk in now it appears as if nothing occurred and business is basically as usual! Kudos to Meir & Alex for popping buy, Chemy and his crew for maintaining order and the Poppy’s guy in the baseball cap that runs the produce department, you did a wonderful job and deserve recognition for being so menshlach and courteous to everyone over the day (and always).