Hearing For Rabbi Berland In Holland On Tuesday


berlA Dutch court will convene on Wednesday afternoon 7 Tishrei on an Israel Police request filed against Rabbi Eliezer Berland. Rabbi Berland was arrested in Amsterdam and then released to the dismay of Israel Police, which has been tracking his travels from Morocco to Zimbabwe and to South Africa in the hope of placing him under arrest and extraditing him to stand trial in Israel.

The hearing on Wednesday will not address the actual extradition. That hearing is set to take place in about six weeks. The court on Wednesday will discuss an Israel Police request to arrest Rabbi Berland and keep him imprisoned until the extradition hearing to prevent him from fleeing authorities once again.

The rav’s chassidim told the media they feel Rabbi Berland is being “hounded” by Israeli authorities.

The rabbi, who heads the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva, has been on the run for two years after members of his community filed complaints against him with police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. for gosh sakes! he’s a tzaddik who talks to Hashem every day! if he did do an aveira, he for sure did teshuva! but personaly i think people are committing the lo taasseh of “do not bare false whiteness” on this tzaddik and just out to get him in trouble; there are so many stories like this with tzaddikim, how’d ya think the baal hatanya ended up in jail, along with other tzaddikim who suffered bec of false accusations like this…

  2. The hearing is over, it lasted a half hour, the three Judges turned down the request of the Israeli police to keep the Rav locked up over the holidays. They will give a final answer in two weeks time.

  3. were getting so tired of false accusers. Baruch Hashem the holland govt is being fair. I hope they grant him asylum there. The israeli govt simply knows his power over his followers and is scared of him so they want him out of the way.

  4. Dvash,

    The idea of Teshuvah is between man and Hashem. Down here we have an obligation to follow the laws and in time of the Sanhedrin there was a Beis din. If a tzaddik did an aveira (that has a chiyuv makes or missah) in the time of Sanhedrin (with eidim and hasrah) even if he did Teshuvah he would still be chayyiv malkus or missed and he’d get it. And if you do the sick things he’s done he needs mechilah from the people he did it to and I don’t think he’s gonna get that in this life time. And he doesn’t deserve it.

  5. Good on the Dutch for not bending knee to Israeli agression and facist pressure.
    Dutch know you cant arrest someone just because you want to, unlike the isaeli establishment who will liberaly use arrest as yet just another one of their tools to persecute any they choose, and do whatever their merry hearts want to.
    May all the false accusers rot.