Massive Arab Rock-Throwing Attacks Against Residents of Jerusalem’s Armon HaNatziv Neighborhood



Jerusalem Arab residents from the Jabil Mukhaber neighborhood perpetrated massive rock-throwing against the neighboring Armon HaNatziv Jewish neighborhood in the capital. The attackers directed their stones through windows and balconies of the Jewish residents. Resident Gil Schechter described the situation to the media “as a battlefield”. He stated while this last round of terrorism was particularly difficult, the attacks have become weekly occurrences.

Schechter stated this time the attackers came very close to the apartments, signaling their brazen state of mind. He added he and other residents were compelled to throw rocks back at them to repel the attack until police arrived.

Yisrael Hayom reports Mayor Nir Barkat has installed technological devices to combat the attacks and he makes regular visits to the community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If we can’t fry them, we should at least have these 2 legged animals neutered so that this evil will not perpetuate to include the next generation

  2. The only “technological devices to combat the attacks” that will help are automatic rocket launchers aimed at Jabil Mukhaber that fire immediately a stone flies past a laser beam that rings around the homes in the Jewish neighborhood.

  3. Said it before & I’ll say it again:
    If any of the Arab people who are causing or taking part in the ongoing violence are either Israeli citizens or get any benefits from the Israeli government, the Israeli government should identity these people and revoke both their citizenship and benefits.
    Then put them in prison.

  4. possibly the most effective long term strategy is a stronger right wing media which is what may have the most influence on politicians. These arabs riot only coz were too soft.

  5. All the commentators have the wrong attitude. Take this as a message from Hashem. As Israel continues to dilute Judaism, Hashem responds by diluting our heavenly protection.