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PA Leader Warns Closure of Har Habayis is a ‘Declaration of War by Israel’

abasPA leader Abu Mazen has released a statement that Israel’s decision to close Har Habayis to Muslim worshipers and non-Muslim worshippers alike is an Israeli declaration of war, the AFP News Agency reports.

Tensions continue to rise in the capital following the Wednesday night attempted assassination of Har Habayis activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick. Following that incident, police moved to heightened alert status nationwide and ordered the closure of Har Habayis.

In the interim, Arab violence in the capital continues. A bus traveling on Sultan Suleiman Street was attacked with rocks on Thursday morning (Marcheshvan). There was damage to the bus but B”H, no injuries to passengers.

“Death to Arabs” graffiti was found in a school in the Patt neighborhood of the capital.

Ichud Hatzalah late Thursday morning reported it was responding to a report that several mispallel at the Kosel were injured by Arabs hurling rocks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Of course it is a declaration of war whenever Israel responds to acts of terror. Terror acts are never a declaration of war to that terrorist in a suit.

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