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Yom Limud & Tefilla for a Soldier Wounded in Protective Edge

Atzeres Tefilah at Mir Yeshiva for Soldiers (6)The residents of Yishuv Ofra in Shomron on Sunday night the eve of 17 Marcheshvan began 24 hours of continuous limud Torah and tefilos on behalf of IDF soldier Yehuda Yosef ben Iris, who was critically wounded in Operation Protective Edge this summer.

Yehuda remains comatose since being injured. He is married, the father of two. He never met his younger child, Ezra Yechezkel, who was born after he was injured.

Today, Monday, 17 Marcheshvan is Yehuda’s 23rd birthday and family and friends urge World Jewry to be mispallel and dedicate limud Torah for his total recovery. Yehuda is being treated in Tel Hashomer Hospital.
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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