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French Parliament to Vote on Recognition of Palestine

abaslThe French Parliament on 6 Kislev is scheduled to vote on the issue of recognizing the State of Palestine based within the 1967 borders. The draft proposal suggests that lawmakers back the move to recognize the new PA state towards bringing an end to the Mideast conflict.

Sweden recently announced its recognition of Palestine, resulting in a diplomatic row in Israel. British Members of Parliament also voted to recognize a State of Palestine as other European countries plan to follow suite. This will include Spain and Ireland. A number of eastern European EU member nations have already done so including Hungary and Bulgaria.

PA (Palestinian Authority) officials’ estimate that to date, 134 countries have recognized a Palestinian state. Israel continues to warn Ramallah that the only way to resolve the long-standing conflict is by mutual agreement, which can be reached by negotiations. Israel has warned unilateral steps would be met with a harsh diplomatic response, hoping to prevent Abu Mazen from advancing in the international global arena unilaterally.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Amazing – How ungrateful the French are. We bail them out and liberated their country twice in 2 world wars and this is the thanks we get. My Father fought in WW 1 in Bordeaux, France. Their is no other worse country and so anti Semitic on the face of this earth as France is.

  2. France is a morally bankrupt country, horrified by the slightest criticism and yet totally unprincipled. The revolution’s founding mottos “Liberté, Égalité et Fraterité” have never been realised. I happen to be a French citizen but prefer to live in another country. The French have no understanding of gratitude. Not surprising considering half the population collaborated with the Nazis y”s during WWII.

  3. The French government is the most pro-Jewish and most supportive of Israel of any on the continent of Europe today. The formal recognition means little.

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