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DESPICABLE DISTORTION OF FACTS: CNN Twists Headline In Horrific Terror Attack In Har Nof Shul – Demand to Revoke Ben Wederman’s Press Pass


It is really not a revelation to report that CNN is less than honest when it comes to its coverage of events in Israel. While factually the articles are correct, the headlines and at times the story are slanted in such a way that a reader receives a less than accurate reading of events. This was the case today following the Har Nof terror attack when CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman @bencnn published the headline “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians killed in Synagogue  attack” which was in fact true, opting to ignore the fact the “2 Palestinians” were Arab terrorists and Jerusalem residents who just butchered worshipers in a Jerusalem shul, innocent Jewish residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood in the midst of morning prayers.

The headlines noticeably omitted that the two Palestinians were the terrorists armed with guns and knives who were responsible for the attack which claimed the lives of at four innocent people Davening Shacharis.

Shomron Regional Council media relations liaison Yossi Dagan was infuriated when catching the headline, which he calls a gross violation of journalistic ethics, demanding that the Government Press Office follow-up by revoking Wedeman’s credentials in Israel.

Dagan angrily laments the fact that agencies can get away with this, adding they can only do so in Israel.

Ynet news website described the headlines as “outrageous.”

“Israelis who were hoping for some understanding, internationally, instead were stuck with CNN in an item whose headline was outrageous,” a story on their website read.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Cnn should have been banned LONG ago! They would NEVER be able to do this in other places. Thank you messed up Israeli government

  2. i knew right awsay when going to their website that it was going to say something like this, under the headline it said netanyahu vows strong response, or something like that

  3. Ben Wederman is a tremendous anti-semite. Any and every report of his is slanted. the way he interviewed the mother of one of three hitchhikers was most disgusting interview ever. He should get what he deserves real soon

  4. It is a shanda that after all these years of ben niederman feeding the world with hatred toward eretz yisroel and misinformation; that he still has a pass.
    But who cares???
    Rabbi Twersky was a man that wasn’t affected by the outside ruchos. he lived a life of pure kedusha. The things I’ve heard today about the kadosh are stuff that you don’t hear about an everyday man. Who really cares what the media says. Does it help the tzara and gezeira of klal yisroel either way?

  5. It is time to expel all reporters and start cleaning house and by the way expel the American ambassador and there CIA members they are all haters

  6. If CNN was around at the time of the Holocaust, they would no doubt have been on Hitler’s corner, as they portrayed dem Jooz as the perpetrators. I can just see the “gaffe:” Eastern European Jews kill 6 million Germans!

    What a despicable entity CNN is. And yet they claim to be “journalists…”

  7. Both YWN & CNN erred. These were not palestinians. They were Israeli’s with regular Israeli ID cards.

    In any case it isn’t important what the Arabs do to us – what is important is we learn the lessons that Hashem Yitbarach wants to learn, because if we learn, then this will avert the next incident.

  8. To #1… Honestly, the report would probably read something like this: Critical shortage of Zyklon B in Germany being blamed on local Jews.

    That’s how vile this piece of trash Wedeman is.

  9. I am now sitting on a low chair and getting ready to say Eichu.We are now in the midst of chuban bais hamigdosh.
    Yes there are many areas that demand tshuva from kllal yisroel,but why were we punished now so harshly.What was the terrible act that caused such CHARON AF.Why were these Tzadikim slaughtered in tallis and teffilin, something that we did not witness since AUSHWITZ.
    My dear children – the answer is very simple:Yidden are presently forbidden to enter the area of the HAR HABAYIS
    קשה מיתת צדיקים כחורבן בית המקדש

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