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Crown Heights: Shmira Patrol Recovers Stolen Sefer Torah, Tefillin, And 100 Mezuzos



A family who just arrived from a day long trip from Montreal, were unloading their luggage on union street and Albany avenue. A male black passing by noticed the luggage sitting near the rear of the car. Realizing that one family member was sitting in the car, he approached her and asked her some questions in an attempt to distract her. Afterwards, he casually walked behind the car and picked up a small package. The thief went off to stash his goods, returned, and stole a duffle bag containing a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll), tefillin (phylacteries) and over 100 mezuzos, that were to be delivered to a visiting Shliach.

Five minutes later the family realized they had been robbed and immediately called Shmira. Moments later, units responded to the location, while other units began a search for the perpetrator. Cameras in the area were checked to ascertain in what direction the perpetrator had fled. After forty five minutes of searching the area, a Shmira member spotted the duffle bag with its contents spilled all over the sidewalk on Lincoln place near Kingston avenue. Boruch Hashem nothing was missing and Shmira returned the stolen goods, valued over $50,000, to their rightful owner. The owner was ecstatic and thanked the Shmira members profusely. A police report was filed and NYPD Detectives Squad together with Shmira, are investigating the incident to locate and prosecute the thief.

A Special thanks goes to the members of Borough Park Shmira division for responding and helping with this case.

In case of an emergency always call Crown Heights Shmira @718-221-0303 24/7.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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