Police Chief: Feiglin Shouldn’t Have Been Permitted on Har Habayis


feigIsrael Police Chief Yochanan Danino in his address to the Kenos Sderot spoke out against the decision by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein permitting MK Moshe Feiglin to visit Har Habayis. “The attorney general erred I his decision to permit him to visit. Everyone wishing to change the status quo should not be permitted there. I prohibited Feiglin to visit Har Habayis until such time the attorney general did not back my position…”

During a police panel discussion Danino explained the department wants to restore quiet. “We constantly say we should do all we can to prevent from escalating tensions and we repeatedly return to Har Habayis. This is a venue holy to many religious and we are entrusted to maintain the status quo and to maintain peace and quiet”.

“We have been warning since the elections that the right-wing extremists seeking to change the status quo have made this their agenda. We call on them to leave Har Habayis.

MK Moshe Feiglin responded to the chief’s remarks. “Danino failed to protect Jerusalem and its residents and is now seeking a scape goat to blame for his failures. I am accustomed to visit and daven on Har Habayis in line with the law, doing so monthly for the past 15 years. This is my legal right, my moral right and the national religious right of every Jew. I suggest that Danino focus on security and protecting residents and citizens of Israel and to spend less time as a guest panelist at such gatherings where he attempts to shirk his responsibilities”.

Deputy Minister (Likud) Tzipi Hotevely had harsh words for Danino. “The police chief is subordinate to the decisions of the political echelon and therefore, he is obligated to permit every Jews and elected official to visit Har Habayis. The delegitimization of public officials disqualifies the basic rights of Jews and violates the balance between the decision-makers and those responsible for carrying out those decisions”.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein stated Danino’s comments regarding MKs and Har Habayis are out of line for a senior police official. The speaker has called on Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich to censure the chief for his inappropriate statements.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If they are JEWISH then they should not be going onto Har Habayis. Maybe Israeli’s can go there but Yidden cant. The police chief is right in this case but for the wrong reasons. this is not a security issue it is halocho issue. The quicker the government get this clear the sooner this sage shall end.

  2. It is so sad that we have to put up with these activists who speak of moral and religious rights when they are actually morally and religiously wrong! May they all come to their senses very soon before any more harm is done! Oy it hurts.

  3. Although Feiglin is wrong on this, he has more yiras Shamyaim then any other frum MK in the Kenneset. I repeat that ANY OTHER FRUM MK (including chareidi ones). If you need proof for that look who voted against the toevah bill. It wasnt any of the chareidi MK’s it was Moshe Feiglin who went against his own party and do so for H-shem. So do teshuva #1.

  4. Why shouldn’t he go up? He prepares himself properly doesn’t tread on ground that is assur…..

    When will eyes open & ears hear:: No I’m not.TERROR IS NOT CONNECTED TO HAR HABAYIT, it is a Jewish -Islamic fight to the end!!!

  5. @yosi7….I think your a bit confused as to the definition of yiras shamayim…feiglin obviously has zero yiras shamayim if he thought of taking even one step on har habayis…that action speaks louder than anything he has ever done in his life….hopefully he will do teshuva before the end. Its kind of shocking to blatantly and publicly disregard the gedoli hadar. Thats worse than any arab…at least they are doing what their “rabbis” want.

  6. Do you know that RAMBAM went up to the Har Habayis? In our days, since 1967, Jews have gone. Rav Moshe Tendler, the Son-in-law of Rav Moshe Feinstein, ZT’L has gone as well as others. The issues were only doing the proper preparations and knowing which sections we are not allowed to go Halachically. The issue of it being prohibitted completely is fairly recent.

    I’m sure the fear is that people will go where it is Halachically forbidden, but to say it is completely prohibited is wrong and is a subject of Machlokes. If someone goes with the Psak of their Rov is no different than anyone doing something with their Rov’s approval and another Rov disagrees.

    Moshe Feiglin’s point is that if we turn our backs on the Har Habayis and allow the Arabs to continuously desecrate it with no response from us, then we are turning our backs on Eretz Yisroel too.

    Feiglin has always been very consistent and has integrity. He doesn’t do it for political purposes. He wants Israel, as he puts it, to be “A Jewish State, not a state of Jews.” We should see the rest of the Frum world wanting the same thing. Maybe Moshiach would be here if that happens.

  7. #4

    You’re half right

    The charedi mks of course also denounced and voted against ,but they seemed half asleep during the buildup

    cf. Feiglin’s article where he tore Bayit yehudi to pieces

    He is more courage

  8. #6 realistic guy- As to avoid your confusion I will explain what I mean by yiras Shamayim. Yiras SHamayim means fear of heaven, meaning fearing and listening to what the Torah tells us to do (yiras shamayim not yiras rabbonim). Now I am once again saying he is 100% wrong to go on to har habayis because all of the gedolei yisroel said its assur but… he still has more yiras shamayim and integrity than any other Frum MK in the kenneset. He had the courage to go against his own party and vote against toevah. I didnt see the chareidi Mk’s chaining themselves to the podium for the toevah thing like they did for the draft (anyone with a brain knows what is more important according to the torah).