Suspects in Custody For Planning Attacks Against Those Who Visits Har HaBayis Including Feiglin And Glick


hhaA criminal indictment was filed in the a district court against Maher Kraqi (21), Muhmad Ben Azmi Bakri (20) and Muhmad Ben Amjad Jabar (18), all residents of eastern Yerushalayim for their alleged involvement in a planned attack against MK Moshe Feiglin, Rabbi Moshe Glick and other Jews visiting Har Habayis. They suspects allegedly planned to attack the two with fireworks and stones when they visited Har Habayis on a Thursday last month.

The defendants planned to hide out in al-Aqsa Mosque the night before and then attack Jews visiting the holy site. The indictment states that wanted to burn the victims as well as scare them into fleeing the area. They planned to lock themselves back in the mosque before security forces could apprehend them. The plan was foiled following the arrest of Maher Kraqi, who spoke of the involvement of the others.

The others were also connected to other similar acts of violence and general violence on Har Habayis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)