Arsonist Targets Mixed Jerusalem Israeli Arab School


arsonA fire erupted on Shabbos in Jerusalem’s Du-Leshoni School which is attended by Jews and Arabs. The fire is suspected to be the result of arsonist. There was also ‘price tag’ graffiti left on the scene saying “There is no dual existence with cancer”, “Death to Arabs” and Kahane was right”. The school is situated in the Patt neighborhood of the capital.

Education Minister Shai Piron decried the “despicable act” which he added attempts to attack Israeli democracy. He feels a consequence of the attack will be a sharp deteriorating of Israel Arab relations. Piron calls on Israel Police to do its utmost to apprehend the responsible persons immediately.

Piron vows to keep the school open, adding the facility is a role model, today serving some 1,200 students, Arabs and Jews alike. There are over 200 teachers employed in the school, which sets the grounds for painless assimilation R”L.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Maybe the arsonist was an Arab who, like probably everyone reading YWN, is against intermingling of of Jews and Arabs. The alternative is apparently that a Jew lit a fire on Shabbos, a terrible crime indeed.

  2. Any Arab who would send their child to a mixed Jewish-Arab school is NOT our enemy, meaning it is someone (probably a non-Muslim, or a nominal Muslim opposed to an Islamic state) who prefers to be a Arab “second class” citizen of the zionist state rather than live in an Islamic Palestinian state. The Jews attending would be secular zionists. Any zionist who attacks such a school is incredibly dumb, indeed, attacking pro-Israel Arabs is so dumb it suggests the attack was carried out for Palestinian “militants”.

  3. Public opinion overwhelming believes it was done by Israeli nationalists, so it would be unlikely an intelligent right-winger, no matter how racist, would attack the schooling thinking it would be blames on Palestinians. This suggests either a very stupid right-winger, or a very devious Islamic fanatic (remember they also object to the schools multi-ethnic character).