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Ichud Leumi Central Committee Members Call on Ariel to Remain Firm in Talks with Bennett

bennTwenty members of the Ichud Leumi Central Committee sent a letter to leader Housing Minister Uri Ariel, calling on him not to compromise the party’s hashkafa in talks with Bayit Yehudi leader Economy Minister Naftali Bennett. In their letter they tell Ariel that Bayit Yehudi is not the only option available.

They explain that during these days of political uncertainty it is especially important for Tekuma to remain loyal to its principles, adding the ruling body of the party has been uncomfortable with events in Bayit Yehudi for some time. They fear that Bayit Yehudi’s determination to grow will be at the expense of principles.

Clearly the letter sends a message to Ariel hinting at possibly joining forces with Eli Yishai and Yoni Chetboun as an alternative to Bayit Yehudi.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. With Eli Yishai leaving Sha”s and with Chetboun leaving HaBayit Hayehudi the path is clear for Tekuma to leave HaBayit Hayehudi and to run together with Chetboun and Yishai. Such a party will easily pass the threshold for entering the Knesset and Tekuma will no longer be in danger of ‘compromising its hashkafa’.

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