Man Tries Killing NYPD Officer In Bronx But Gun Fails To Work


nypd4A Bronx teenager was arrested after he pointed a gun at an NYPD police officer during a pursuit late Saturday night. According to a report by the NY Post, police were called after reports of a person shooting out windows with a .357 revolver in the area of 140th Street and Cyrus Place.

Responding officers arrived and confronted Raymond Leonardo (17), and ordered him to stop and drop the gun. Instead, the suspect turned and aimed the gun directly at an officer. Miraculously, the gun didn’t work. There are conflicting reports – but it was either empty of bullets, or the gun jammed.

Leonardo was taken into custody.

This happened just hours after two NYPD Officers were shot dead execution style in Brooklyn.

(Source: Breaking911)


  1. Guys in blue….it’s time to reintroduce a “blanket parties “….that should help curb violence…it worked great in the past…no reason it shouldn’t work now…