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Israel: Women are a Majority in Government but Earn Less

isflThe release of the Finance Ministry report on public sector salaries shows that while women are the majority in government, they are discriminated against as they earn less than men. The report states that women comprise 64% of the government workforce, but the average gross salary earnings of men is 33% higher, with men earning 17,231 NIS and women only earning 13,738 NIS. Even the net salary of men after income tax and Bituach Leumi is 15% more (Men pay more Bituach Leumi than women); 13,738 as compared to 11,977 NIS.

The salary towards computing one’s pension for men is 10,571 and 8,371 NIS for women. Men received 4,057 for overtime hours while women received 1,986 NIS. Men received 1,283 in reimbursement as compared to women with 1,068 NIS.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. So? What else besides the broad brushstroke of working in the Government do the men and women of Israel do? Maybe they have different jobs? Maybe the jobs undertaken majorly by men simply pay more?

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