Miracle on the Fourth Floor at Tikvah Layeled


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MWhen Rabbi Braitstein , President of Tikvah Layeled (Education Center for Cerebral Palsy (CP) children in Israel)  heard a commotion in the 4th floor hallway, he went to investigate, he stopped  along the way to ask one of the staff members to join him just in case someone needed medical attention.   He found the entire Tikvah Layeled – teachers – therapists , and children gathered around four-year-old Chava’la. “My heart pounded with fear as I tried to imagine what could have happened.”

“This is what I saw:”

Chava’la stood alone, slowly stepping first with one foot and then with the other.

Chava’la was walking!!

Chava’la who endured years of therapy, and never taken a step before!

Oh the joy, the cheers, the tears!

Oh the celebration; excitement as teachers therapists, and friends hugged and kissed the little girl , and danced around her as if she was a bride on her wedding day.

Little wonder. The tiny steps Chava’la took that day were her giant leap into health normalcy, and independence.