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Chevra Hatzolah of Edison Township Opens Hatzolah Branch In Central NJ


Located between Staten Island and Lakewood, central New Jersey is home to many Torah observant families in Edison, Highland Park, and East Brunswick. Other yidden may not live locally, but commute from Brooklyn to work nearby. The Edison Yeshivah, Yeshiva Shaarie Tzion (boys, girls and pre-school divisions), Rabbi Pesach Ramon Yeshiva, and Reenas Bais Yaakov girls high school educate hundreds of students in Edison and Piscataway. For years, a gap in Hatzolah services existed between Staten Island to the northeast and the chapters serving the Jersey Shore / Deal and Lakewood to the south.

That gap is starting to close with the establishment of Chevra Hatzolah of Edison Township. Hatzolah went live on a motzi Shabbos in mid-November and within a week responded to several calls requiring transport to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick. The Edison Hatzolah is under the leadership of paramedics and EMTs who between the three of them have a combined 40 years of experience in EMS and Hatzolah operations.

EMTs and dispatchers are providing 24/7 coverage to the immediate Edison/Highland Park area and hope to be able to expand to East Brunswick in the future.

Please visit the Chevra Hatzolah of Edison website for more information on how to volunteer and support this lifesaving organization.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. It’s always nice to read about a new branch opening up.

    Best of luck and may your services always be available but never needed.

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