Tel Aviv City Hall Steps in to Regulate Prices on Basic Items


coffeeAfter learning that snack stands and kiosks operating in Tel Aviv municipality facilities are at times charging exorbitant prices for basics including bottled water and coffee, Tel Aviv City Hall is setting a maximum price ceiling on certain items.

Angry city residents continue to complain, questioning how a 250cc bottle of water can cost 10 NIS, or a medium cup of coffee in a container 15 NIS. The city has decided it will regulate prices on some items in the kiosks operating in city facilities.

Maximum prices permitted with new regulation:

Bottled water, 6 NIS

Ices on stick, 3 NIS

Coffee, 5 NIS

Sandwich, 20 NIS

Round dough bagel, 5 NIS

The new price regulating move will effect kiosks in Heichal HaTarbut, sport centers, convention centers, and kiosks lining boulevards and the Old Jaffa areas.

City Hall officials believe this is a prudent step towards protecting consumers and residents while permitting the businesses to earn a livelihood.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)