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PHOTO: Kahane is Illegal in Israel but What About Hamas?

4The “Kahane was right” fist and other symbols associated with the late MK’s party have been declared illegal by Israel’s Supreme Court. Persons seen wearing a Kahane tee-shirt have often been detained by police or arrested.

However, the same standard does not apply when it comes to Hamas. One recent case is the flag that flies outside a home on Tzariach HaAdom St. in Jerusalem’s Old City, near Jewish homes, oppose Beit Valero.

Jewish area residents notified police but to date, nothing has been done to remove the flag.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I remember Kahane as a very positive person, not a racist or a bigot as many portray him. He was sincere and dedicated to having a Jewish majority in Erertz Yisroel and if the Arabs would take money for leaving, he was willing to pay.

    People really did not understand him and the media loved painting him a racist. It sanitized the wrong doings of many in the Knesset.

  2. 1. Hamas is snot a serious threat to anyone, other than to the Palestinian people (many of whom are dead because of Hamas). The Israelis tolerate pro-Arab statements in part since silencing them would grant them more legitimacy than they are entitled to based on the seriousness of the threat.

    2. The pro-Kahane movement is a serious threat to the Israeli government. Unlike in the United States where sedition is protected by our tradition of free speech, most countries ban types of speech seen as threatening to the government.

    3. If those who support the philosophy of Dr. Jacob Israel De Haan were a serious threat, they would be surpressed in Israel. The Israeli government prefers to treat Neturei Karta and the Eidos hareidis as a joke.

  3. to # 4 this confirms that you are a sick person
    you regurgitate this Jacob de haan like the arabs do with der yassin

    stop repeating like a parrot everything nk and satmar blabble about

    read a little history about de haan extracurricular activities!!

  4. While I agree with Rabbi Kahana’s, Z”L, philosophy, I always said that it would never work. Who would take out the garbage?

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