BARBARIC: ISIS Burns Captured Jordanian Pilot Alive In Cage



ISIS has released a video, purportedly showing Moath al-Kasasbeh, the Jordanian pilot captured in December, being burned alive. The Jordanian government had pleaded to release the hostage in exchange for a captured terrorist.

He was reportedly placed into a cage, and a fuel line attached to him. He was then set ablaze.



  1. Supposedly Islam requires that captives be treated well. This is just another example of the abominable behaviour of these Moslem terrorists apparantly to frighten all who oppose them.

  2. EEs-laam means peace and love! This must be peace and love!

    Blow them all up at once and thus show the rest of these barbaric moose-leems not to mess with the world!

    Oh no, then Israel will benefit! I guess they must then be allowed to continue their shpiel!