Rav Aviner: The Establishment of Yachad a Historical Spiritual Event


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avinerHaRav Shlomo Aviner Shlita is full of praise for the Yachad party, stating “The establishment of the party is a historical spiritual event”.

The rav explains that in day-to-day Israeli life members of the chareidi and dati leumi communities are not natural partners yet in Yachad we see them both along with representatives of Chabad and other walks of religious life. Rabbi Aviner explains that the message of unity in Yachad is not just an election slogan but reality and he feels many voters are thirsty for such a reality, one representing true achdus.

The rav continues, explaining the Torah belongs to all of us and it is not sectoral, “תורה צוה לנו משה מורשה קהילת יעקב”, stating he feels the non-religious are not truly non-religious but non-religious on the outside but they maintain the spark inside. Rabbi Aviner feels that in order to bring the Geula closer we are not required to create something that does not exist but more accurately, we must reveal that which does exist and he has had his share of parties that claim to consult with rabbonim but do not, that claim to follow in the path of Rav Kook ZT”L but do not, that claim to be based in Torah but are not, clearly alluding to Bayit Yehudi.

He concludes stating he loves all of Am Yisrael, including all of the political parties but he loves Yachad-The Nation is With Us party most of all.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “spiritual”???

    Hareidi who are more nationalistic than Shas/Yahadut ha-Torah need a place.

    Religious Zionists who are “frummer” than Bayit Yehudi (the old “Mafdal”) need a place.

    Neither would pass the new threshold seperately. It’s more of a marriage of convenience between two small factions. If the threshold were back to under 1% (i.e. 1/120), they would be separate parties.

  2. Akuperma: I respectfully disagree. I heard d Eli Yishai speaking about it first hand and I am certain that his entire premise for creating the party was is that there will be a party that represents achdus. Its true that what you are saying is plausible but I urge you to try and look at this optimisticly

  3. i think the party has the potential to evolve into a achdus party like rabbi aviner predicts even though it was born by convenience. it also has the potential to splinter apart once the marriage is no longer necessary like akuperma foresees. time will tell. beyntayim voting for yachad will be the first time im going to vote without holding my nose.

  4. #1 לא נכון
    A party headed by Eli Yishai & Yoni Chetabon is a merger of two different paths of עבודת השם, Marzel is the added party to hit the threshold.

  5. #1
    It’s not only the people “more nationalistic than shas”, it’s more accurately the people who see Deri as a manipulator, untrustworthy, and not worthy of his position.

  6. Yishai will get more seats than Deri.
    It was long overdue to have Unity among the different religious groups.How could anybody vote for Dery and not spit when he looks in the mirror,

  7. So, another “miflagah” (political party) from the the word “peleg” and “dor haflagah” is what will bring about “achdus” (unity).

  8. “ACHDUT & Torah is supreme no matter what!”

    First of all Torah goes first. Second of all achdus is not on the same level as Torah. Thirdly achdus is not sought if it is at the cost of Torah.