Hikind Asks For Nadler’s Seat, If Empty, To Hear Netanyahu’s Address



Dismayed that President Obama continues to obsess with stopping Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu from addressing Congress on an issue regarding an existential threat to Israel, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is asking his representative, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, if he may sit in his chair for the speech should the Congressman find himself unable to attend. Further, if Nadler’s fellow Democrats plan to boycott the speech, Hikind says there are plenty of people who would appreciate filling their chairs, too.

“Never in my lifetime can I recall such turmoil in the world as we have now,” said Hikind. “Further, I can’t recollect a time when America’s leaders have taken less of a decisive role in safeguarding long-term American interests on the international stage. While Iran has been long recognized by the U.S. as a terrorist state, and Israel has been our staunchest ally since its inception, an outsider observing the White House’s treatment of the two would have a difficult time discerning who we consider our friend.”

Hikind noted that Iran is the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, which it uses as a strategic tool in its foreign policy. “Iran allies itself with, and openly supports, recognized terror organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran’s leaders unashamedly affirm their goal to destroy the State of Israel. As such, U.S. leaders are duty-bound to ensure that Iran is not permitted to develop a nuclear weapon to make good on their threats. Consequently, it’s astounding to hear President Obama still talking about ‘protocols’ for a visiting head of state—an ally—when the lives of millions potentially hang in the balance. This is how we treat our friends? And why be afraid of a speech? What does our President think the Prime Minister might say that we shouldn’t hear? Does he fear Netanyahu may convince Congress of something?”

“President Obama’s only explanation this week was that it is important to ‘maintain protocols’ and that his decision to refuse to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister during this trip is to maintain the U.S.-Israeli relationship and not let it become partisan. But this sends the opposite message. Ignoring a friend in need—a friend in crisis—is not the optimum way to maintain a relationship.

“Given an invitation to speak before Congress in an effort to save his nation from imminent danger is an opportunity no leader of any country would refuse, regardless of protocols. Whether or not Speaker Boehner’s invitation to address Congress followed the accepted or expected etiquette, it’s time to look past decorum and get to the heart of the matter: It is in the best interest of the United States that we listen carefully to what Prime Minister Netanyahu has to say. I am more than disappointed to read that some of my fellow Democrats plan to boycott this critical address.”

In a letter to Congressman Nadler, Hikind asked, “In the unlikely event that you will not be attending Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress, please allow me to sit in your seat for those few hours. Indeed, as some of your colleagues plan to boycott this speech, perhaps you can help secure their seats for others who are terribly interested in this important address. I believe all American elected officials should carefully weigh what our sole Democratic ally in the Middle East has to say, and I for one will be listening closely.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. This has the potential to turn into a nightmare for frum Democrats, since their constituents expect them to support Netanyahu (who was invited by the Republicans who now control Congress), and their party expects them to boycott. Do they show party loyalty by slapping their voters in the face – or do they risk retaliation from the party leadership? Do they consider permanently crossing the aisle (no big deal for Hikind, but Nadler is a left-winger on most issues).

    This is independent of whether Netanyahu is bright to make a partisan issue out of this. He would be better to either bring the opposition leader along, or to schedule the visit for after the Israeli election. But that is a separate issue.

  2. This has the potential to turn into a nightmare for Israel, as Netanayhu is succeeding in doing what anti-Semites have been trying to do for 67 years: Make Israel into a partisan political issue in the US. He should speak before AIPAC which will have an audience 20x larger.

  3. It would be great to see Dov Hikind replace that pervert, Jerry Nadler, in Congress for good. Jerry has been a but boy for the corrupt Democrat machine for way too long. Just another self hating Jew who’s time has come.

  4. akuperma, I hope you realize, Obama is going to finalize an agreement prior to the Israeli elections. This agreement Natanyahu considers to cement an existential threat to Israel. The chutzpa imho is that Obama is personally and directly meddling in Israeli democracy (elections).

    I find it amusing to see how Obama has his democrats in his pocket and they will do anything he says. The democrats have achdus through Obama and will cover for anything he says/does.

  5. Wrong akuperma

    This SHOULD NOT be a “nightmare for frum Democrats”. Rather,it is an opportunity to galvanize support for an issue that is an existentialist threat for Israel. Obama and company are trying to invoke party dicipline for the wrong type of issue. The issue is WHOM DO YOU TRUST? A sworn enemy (Iran)who has already shown that it will continue to lie and double-deal, or someone that is just trying to save his own nation. In this season…think of Esther Ha’Malka and Purim.

  6. A Gezunt in dayn kup! A blessing on your head to Assemblyman, Dov Hikind, for standing up for what is right!
    We need more people like you to help get important jobs done, and do the apparant human hishtadlus that we can do. Ultimately up to The Ribono Shel Olam, and we need to put our efforts into davening, doing mitzvos, and maasim tovim to secure Hashem’s rachamim and protection.

  7. This is no Nightmare for Democrats, this is a nightmare for klal Yisroel & the American Jewery! to be dragged in as jews in dirty politics and be meddling against a sitting president as jews is very dangerous and a massive chilil hashem.

    and to our Dear Mr Hikind, we elected to serve as our assemblyman to make sure our potholes are filled and the local post office delivers grandma’s mail, we DID NOT elect you to serve as our Israeli Ambassador or our international spokesman, so please stop issuing statements that misrepresents our views and feelings.