Biden Heading To Latin America During Netanyahu Address


bidaVice President Joe Biden is heading to Latin America the first week of March, putting him out of the country while Israel’s prime minister is to address Congress.

The White House has said Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech violates diplomatic protocol since the invitation came from Republican House Speaker John Boehner without notifying the president’s staff. Some Democratic lawmakers are skipping the address in protest.

The House speaker and vice president traditionally sit behind speakers during a congressional address. But the White House had said Biden would be overseas.

Biden’s office disclosed the destination Wednesday. Biden and his wife, Jill, plan to attend the presidential inauguration in Uruguay and then head to Guatemala for meetings on the violence that forced Central American children to flee for U.S. borders last year.



  1. Curoious how Pres Obama and democrats of importance would be treating Obama’s buddy, the well known dictator Yahya Jammeh, President of Gambia, no lover of democracy, if he wanted to address Congress. A simple Google search of Obama and Jammeh reveals how Pres Obama very much embraces this dictator when he’s invited to Washington.