Israeli Journalistic Impartiality – Raviv Druker Reveals his True Colors


haaretzChannel 10 TV News correspondent Raviv Druker used the daily Haaretz to get his message out – to boycott the Yachad party because Baruch Marzel is in the fourth slot on the lineup. “In the 2015 elections candidate Baruch Marzel is continuing the way of Kahane. Number five on the list is a man called Amital Barali, who refused an order during the Disengagement, and sat in prison and admitted he will do the same in the future” writes Druker.

“Rabbonim back this holy party, the darkest and most inciteful rabbis there are but the public response is too poor. It began with a fearful decision. There is no other way to label it, that of the Supreme Court. How did the honorable justices, which have yet to explain their verdict, explain that while Kahane was disqualified, his twin, Marzel, is not? If the justices are afraid, it is because we know about the politicians”.

Druker is calling on the press to ignore Yachad. “…Generally speaking, there is no reason to grant interviews to Eli Yishai. He doesn’t answer the questions anyway. Not too long ago journalist Chanoch Daum wasted hours on him during his program ‘The Settler’. Hundreds of questions later Daum realized that he said nothing, not that he does not want to, but because he knows he may now… Bottom line, he is responsible for the return of Kahane to the Knesset. How did this occur? Look at an interview with Hanin Zoabi. Yishai does not deserve better”.

In response, Marzel told the press “the cat is out of the bag. Druker tells us day and night that he is an objective journalist and this is why the public must fund his salary but his venomous article in Haaretz shows who he really is. Druker is a shofar of the radical left-wing, which seeks to silence us. He never ever called to boycott Zoabi or Ahmed Tibi, enemies of Israel who cooperate with Hamas. He never was a journalist but a court reporter who does everything he can to sacrifice the State of Israel”.

Marzel added that Druker’s airtime on the state-funded news must be halted immediately. He called for banning Druker from electronic, internet and all other forms of legitimate media.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Israel has never had a tradition of journalistic impartiality. There has never been a non-partisan Israeli newspaper, or even one that keeps it biases limited to the editorial pages (similar to the Wall Street Journal today, or the New York Times of the mid-20th century).

  2. The WSJ was a great example of limiting biases to the editorial pages UNTIL Rupert Murdoch bought it.

    It should be noted that the idea that IDF soldiers should disobey orders has been opposed in the strongest possible terms by two of the leading Dati Leumi gedolim, Rabbis Aharon Lichtenstein and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner (and who aren’t from the same DL camp — Rav Lichtenstein is very much modern orthodox and Rav Aviner is much more chardali). Rav Lichtenstein’s opposition is particularly striking as he does not often comment on public policy issues and does not claim to be a posek (even though his Torah knowledge exceeds that of most living poskim).