Shabus Buses to Begin Operating in Yerushalayim


shabThe new secular “Shabus” bus service is R”L expected to operate in Yerushalayim on Friday night Parshas Emor 5775. The bus service will cater to persons wishing to visit entertainment spots, operating between the hours of 20:00-02:00.

Persons behind the project explain too many young people do not have cars and therefore cannot reach the city center. In addition, the bus service permits people to arrive home safely without having to use their cars, which is preferable after they may have ingested a few alcoholic drinks.

The privately-funded endeavor is a first step towards trying to compel bus service in the holy capital on Shabbos to cater to those residents who are not Shomer Shabbos. The line will operate from Pisgat Ze’ev in the northern capital to the center of the city. It will pass through French Hill, German Colony, Arnona, Talpiot, Kiryat Yovel, Beit HaKerem and Rechavia. Arab drivers will operate three minibuses from an eastern capital bus company.

The operators explain they are not going to pass through chareidi areas for they are not seeking to be provocative, but simply to permit residents to enjoy their Friday night.

The Vaad L’Maan Shabbos is working to have the Transportation Ministry intervene to prevent the bus service.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. and since when are the neighborhoods along kvish 1 like ramot Eshkol,arzei habira,maalot dafne, and a good part of musrara not charedi/dati neighborhoods?what a shanda!they should read the Torah about losing the land if we don’t follow H’s mitzvoth!

  2. They are mixed neighborhoods….

    I don’t see how privately funded things like this can be stopped, publicly subsidized on the other hand (their next step) should not happen.

  3. Until Israel becomes a theocracy, there is nothing legally wrong with this. It’s sad that there are Jews who use buses on Shabbos, but no sadder than the fact that secular Jews in America use buses in Shabbos.

    Instead of crying about it and blaming the evil medinah, this should be a wakeup call to all frum Jews, Chareidi and Religious Zionist alike, how much kiruv is necessary. You’re not going to win over our secular brothers by throwing rocks and protesting.

  4. Operating busses on shabbos by itself, I could only have Rachmanos on them, since they are tinokus shnishbi, but the biggest chutzpah as I see it is, the name they are calling it – Sha-bus, this is the biggest shanda, to name this service after shabbos! An Unbelievable chutzpah and desecration of shabbos!

  5. simcha613 #4: If we could stop American Jews from being Mechallel Shabbos by making it illegal, we should do so and we would do so.

  6. משנת רבי אהרן: חשיבות הכינוס וזעקת המחאה אינם רק
    בבחינת התועלת שבדבר והתוצאות שיהיו לכך וכו’,שזהו הביטוי לכאב על הזלזול בכבודו של מלך וכו, ולכן גם אם לא יושג שום שינוי אצל הגורמים שהביאו לכך, הרי התועלת מכך היא כפולה וכו’ שע”י המחאה על הזלזול בתורה והרס הדת, וההכרזה שדבר זה בנפשנו הוא,בודאי יתעוררו רחמי שמים למעלה ויעצר הסחף בשמירת התורה ומצוותיה בכל התחומים. וכו’ ואלו המתנגדים למחאות הרי שתיקתם כהודאה גמורה!

    Once a group of people in a frum section of Yerushalyim were protesting that their street should be closed on Shabbos because there was a religious majority living in the area.

    Rav Schach stated that the concept of majority should not be used as the argument. They must fight for the truth because of its inherent value. Otherwise, in the sections of Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva where transgressors are the majority, they will sell treifos and desecrate Shabbos openly with impunity!

  7. #4

    It’s your/our job to hold firm through the ebb and tides

    You also do realize that EY is claim to be JEWISH state and should act like it

  8. Do what Rav Salomon Zt”l did in Petach Tikva a generation ago:Block the streets (without violence)

    Make no mistake:
    The intent is not to get from point A to point B. It is clearly to promote Chillul Shabbos r’l.

    These guys should join their allies in Gaza, I’m sure they could do with a few extra rabble rousers

  9. Why are we complaining?? Isn’t it much better for them to be driven by a non Jew rather then they drive themselvs and be mechalel shabbos doraisa r”l. Am I wrong?

  10. Simcha613 your second paragraph is very true but the 1st paragraph I would say it’s worse in Jerusalem then America as it’s the Kings Palace.

  11. I guess my point is, we try and force halacha on secular Jews by making chillul Shabbos illegal and making their lives more difficult, and then we wonder how come all the secular Jews hate Chareidim and we spit on them as they walk by.

    Making chillul Shabbos illegal will create more rebellious Jews. At best, the buses won’t run, the secular Jews will be mechallel Shabbos anyways, and they will hate us and frumkeit for forcing our lifestyle on them. At worst, the buses will run, the secular Jews will be mechallel Shabbos, and they will still hate us and frunkeit for trying to impose our religion on them.

    The more we protest, and the more we try and make Israel a theocracy, the farther we are pushing the secular Jews away. If we seriously want to stop this secular-chareidi divide, we need to think of better ways of promoting HKB”H in Eretz Yisroel.