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MK Kara: A Coalition with Labor is Not Out of the Question

bibMK (Likud) Ayoub Kara, who hopes to become a minister in the new government, stated on Sunday evening that he feels a coalition with the Labor party is still a possibility.

Speaking with Kol Berama Radio, Kara explained he hopes to become the Minister of Communications or Galil & Negev Development. He added he wishes to promote peace with countries in the region, those nations standing alongside Israel, those concerned with the Iranian issue. He also expressed his concerns for the Jews remaining in Arab countries. He told listeners that he has discussed all of this with the prime minister.

Regarding the ongoing efforts to build a coalition government, Kara stated that after his talks with Labor party officials, there is still a good chance of a coalition between Likud and Labor. “I assume the prime minister is leaving this option open”, explaining the deadlocked talks with some of the right-wing parties as the deadline is running out. Kara stressed “We can include [Labor party leader Yitzchak] Herzog without ousting anyone”.

Kara added that Yisrael Beitenu leader Avigdor Lieberman’s hardline position will make it easier for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to bring in Labor. He explained this is the first time that Lieberman does not want to enter a coalition, and there still remain two ministers form the Zionist camp. Kara stated he cannot release additional information but in his assessment, it is most likely that Labor will become a part of a coalition within the next two months.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Haredi community has a big opportunity with this hopefully soon new government!

    The Haredi ‘sector’ need to stop perceiving themselves as they have done for the past couple generations as a ‘sector’, they should don the mantle of national societal leadership and move the people forward to their destiny!

    Sure the screams against you[plural] from all those who hitherto claimed you shirk your role in society will ironically get fiercer ,but that is expected and comes with the territory.

    It ‘s eminently easier to consider yourselves a persecuted minority,regularly complain of ‘incitement'[especially when it has been somewhat accurate],than to step forward and lead ,all the while still retaining a tightrope balancing act of avoiding falling into becoming a religious zionist ‘B’ .


  2. I believe that together we can collaborate and bring about this desired change,” Rivlin added. “The haredi community will benefit, and so will the entire Israeli society, and our common future here.”

    “In 2018, almost a quarter of the first grade students in Israel will be from the Haredi community,” he began. “This community is no longer a minority and we must understand this and adjust our concept regarding the nature of the relationship – no longer as that of a majority and minority but of a partnership between the haredi community and the general public.”

    “Within this partnership, first and foremost it is our duty to desist from patronization,” he stated. “The general public, which I am part of, cannot and should not determine for the haredi public how and in which way to educate their children. A partnership means creating a discourse between all sectors of society, not as one which is characterized by forceful coercion, but as a discourse that is underlined by understanding, and outlines a path to the future.”

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