What MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi Had To Say About The Israeli Ethiopian Protest in Tel Aviv


tibiFollowing the violent Tel Aviv protest by the Israeli Ethiopian community on Sunday evening 14 Iyar, Arab MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi twitted the following message.

“The dream of every Israeli Arab protester today is to be an Ethiopian for an hour. They block the Ayalon [Highway], throw stones, and nevertheless remain alive. There are no sharpshooters and no fatalities as should be the case”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. While we’re at it tibi let’s list some more differences – Ethiopians don’t bomb, shoot, stab, or molotov cocktail people, hence no need for sharp shooters.

    Oh and no less important – they are Jewish and therefore have a shaychus to this land a reason to actually be here unlike your nation of criminal squatters.

  2. Who cares what this Jew hater has to say? I am only interested in seeing a report of what he says to the devil when he meets him face to face in hell, and I hope to see that report very soon.

  3. emesvyatziv: You can’t classify every Arab-Israeli citizen living in Israel who is excercizing their democratic right to protest as “out to kill Jews”.

  4. Continued from #7

    Many of the original Palestinian families were forcibly converted to Islam over 1,000 years ago.

    While DNA indeed should have little bearing on their present Jewish status, it is salient for those claiming nationality based on some supposed ancient background.