Muallem Heading Back to Knesset


knessetOne of the points upon which Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett insisted is the return of Shuli Muallem to Knesset. While she served in the previous Knesset, the party’s drop from 12 to 8 seats left her out of the current 20th Knesset.

Bennett explained to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that he wants to use the so-called Norwegian Law to bring her back into Knesset. The law permits a party cabinet minister to resign as a Member of Knesset, thereby creating an opening for Muallem to enter. A cabinet minister does not have to be a MK.

As per the agreement, after the new government is sworn in the coalition will adopt legislation permitting the use of the law for parties with up to 12 MKs, that have cabinet ministers, thereby permitting the ministers to resign from Knesset and continue serving as a minister.

It appears that once Ayelet Shaked is sworn in as Justice Minister she will resign from Knesset to clear the way for Muallem to return.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. that is stupid because the prime minister can fire her and then she would not be in the knesset or in the government

  2. So frustrating that Netanyahu had to bow to this guy! Factually he’s the one to whom the Yiddishe yishuvim is primary importance but he’s such a leftist!

  3. He still had some lessons to take from Bibi on gathering power. Bibi does it smoothly; Bennet looks like an immature amateur.