Obama Marks 70th Anniversary Of Nazi Germany’s Defeat


aushPresident Barack Obama is marking the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat during World War II by paying tribute to the men and women who he says helped save the world and lay the foundation for peace.

Obama says in his weekly address to the nation that this generation showed “selfless grace” as they risked — and gave — their lives so that people around the world could live free.

He asks Americans to do more than just commemorate history. He asks them to rededicate themselves to the freedoms for which these men and women fought.

The White House released the radio and Internet address a day earlier than usual to coincide with Friday’s 70th anniversary of the victory by Allied forces over Nazi Germany in 1945.



  1. This statement is merely lip service.
    Our dear president should set an example for others to follow. He should set and enforce a harder attitude and, and deal more harshly with terrorists and suspected terrorists in our country. Terrorists should get Capital Punishment and those under suspicion should be deported; saving our country DOLLLARS that maintenance in prison or being under special watch costs, as well as further minimizing the danger to true Democracy as put forth in our Constitution, and enforced in the past.

  2. How should America deal more harshly with terrorists, when they are the terrorist. There is no democracy in America and no one in the government follows the constitution. Everything is run by big pharma and large corporations. I Won’t be surprised when America looks like Germany , since they are not far away from it. They are following in the same footsteps without you even realizing it.

  3. Never Forget the USA helped hitler kill 6 million jews.
    the great majority of the 550,000 Hungarian jews killed
    in Auschwitz could have been saved if the USA bombed tracks
    to aushwitz.
    Proof after the Russian got close to Poland ,The Hungarian
    jews were sent to Austria for forced labour .More than
    90% of the people survived from those groups.
    Roosevelt knew what was going on ,The British army spy planes pictures taken in 1942 of the smoke coming out from
    Auschwitz Crematorium was released 3 years ago.,They took these pictures because they bombed an Oil Refinery in 1942 near Auschwitz.
    The evil devil satanic snake Obama trying to force Israel
    what Abba Eban called the Aushwitz border and he is trying to enable Iran to build the bomb to kill 6 million
    jews in Israel
    Not since hitler the jewish people such an enemy as Obama.