Israel Heatwave Fire Update Wednesday Afternoon


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heaThe nationwide heatwave that sent temperatures soaring around Israel today, Wednesday, 8 Sivan, follows days of hot/dry temperatures, setting the stage for forest fires.

While the nation’s fire service placed 600 firefighters on alert status along with firefighting planes, the weather and premiere fire conditions appear unavoidable in many areas.

A large blaze began earlier in the day in the Nachal Sorek area near Beit Shemesh. A general call up was issued by the fire department for personnel as efforts were ongoing to prevent the blaze from spreading to Beit Shemesh. B”H that fire was brought under control as well without the loss of life or injuries.

In Tel Monde there was damage to a number of homes as LP gas cylinders exploded due to the fire. Fires were also reported in Netivot and in the Atarot industrial area in the northern capital. Fire officials confirm three homes were totally destroyed.

14:42: A significant fire was reported close to 15:00 in the Merchavim Regional Council including Moshav Esbol. Nine fire apparatus were dispatched to bring the fire under control but not before a number of homes were damaged.

As a result of the heat, train tracks are heating up Israel Railways officials’ report, compelling a reduction of the speed limit of trains around the country to 80 KPH (48 MPH).

15:20: In Sla’it in the Shomron Regional Council, the blaze that began a number of kilometers continues spreading and the decision was made to prepare to evacuate homes. Route 5533 is closed to non-emergency vehicles. Firefighting planes continue assisting ground forces in bringing the blaze under control.

15:47: A fire was brought under control near residential homes and a cemetery in Nahariya.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)