Security Cabinet Unanimously Approves Moving Quickly to Develop and Expand Israel’s Gas Fields


bibThe Security Cabinet on Thursday, 8 Tammuz, unanimously decided that, at this time, it is of decisive importance to move quickly to develop and expand the natural gas fields that have been discovered off Israel’s coasts, out of concern for state security and the foreign relations of the State of Israel.

The Security Cabinet also adopted Economy Minister Aryeh Deri’s proposal to transfer his authority under Article 52 of the 1988 Restrictive Trade Practices Law for Government approval. The outline will be published in the coming days and submitted for a public hearing.

In his address to pilots at the graduation ceremony for the IAF’s pilot training program, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu added, “Today the Security Cabinet unanimously approved accelerating the development and expansion of the natural gas fields that have been discovered off Israel’s coasts. This was in consideration of the State of Israel’s security needs and its foreign relations. We are advancing a realistic solution that will bring gas to the Israeli economy and not a populist solution that will leave the gas deep underground. I have already seen enough countries that succumbed to populism and their gas has remained underground or in the depths of the sea. This outline breaks up the monopoly. In the coming decades, it will add hundreds of millions of shekels to education, social welfare and health for all Israeli citizens. After years of discussion and debate, I am certain that this is the prudent, correct and necessary solution for all citizens of the state.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)