WHERE AMERICA IS HEADING: NYC Bill Would Require Some Bathrooms to Be Gender-Neutral


brNew York City businesses could soon need to convert some of their bathrooms to gender-neutral facilities.

Comptroller Scott Stringer has proposed new legislation that would require all single-occupancy, publicly available restrooms to be designed as gender-neutral.

It would also change the wording of some city codes to remove regulations that require plumbers to create separate washrooms for each sex.

The law would mainly require businesses to change the signage on single-occupancy restrooms. It does not affect multistall lavatories.

The legislation comes after a report by Stringer’s office found that transgender people experience harassment in public bathrooms. Advocates say it is a common-sense step to tackling gender bias and harassment.

New York’s proposal follows similar measures in Philadelphia, West Hollywood and the District of Columbia.



  1. Actually many frum business, and virtually everyone’s house, has bathrooms designed for use by both genders. It means one has to design the bathroom to be used by one person at a time, rather than many people at the same time.

  2. What is going to be with this country? First it is permitting gay marriage now all gender restrooms what’s next no hachnasas orchim? If this country is going to continue like this one day we’ll end up like Sidom V’Amorah!

  3. Toilets were always unisex.

    Always remember, use the bathroom at home before leaving, so you’ll have an easier time out in the world. Easier times are going to get easier, and harder, overall harder.

  4. Thank you Satmar for endorsing this pervert Scott Stringer! I only hope that they, one day, force your Mosdos to have gender neutral bathrooms. Then you can have the bachurim going into the maidlach’s bathrooms. I hope you get what you deserve!

  5. Seems to me that only single occupancy bathrooms are required by law to change. So a regular men’s room with a bunch of stalls won’t change. You’re not reading the article.
    Secondly, Non Jews are not bound by the Torah

  6. Soon they will force all bathrooms everywhere to be mixed! It’ll be like Thailand and Battlestar Galactica all over the country!

  7. There is nothing wrong with gender neutral single stall bathrooms. In fact it is silly to have it otherwise. Good job YWN trying to create a story *insert sarcasm *

  8. @8. The law in the titular country promotes “religious freedom” so even if the truth is toeiva is forbidden among all Noachites, we haven’t the right to enforce it. Besides, it’s a good thing in my book if the control freak hristians get their teeth blunted on national matters.

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this whatsoever. It makes total sense.

    In fact for the equal rights people out there if you’ve ever seen a women’s bathroom it’s ten times nicer than the mens…what’s up with that?!?

  10. Anyone that found a problem with this should learn to read. What is wrong with a PRIVATE bathroom (for all you thaat dont understand what that means it means one person at a time in the bathroom) being unisex? Like #1 said in homes its like that too. Just saying.

  11. #8 #11,

    People like you are turning me into an anti semite

    If they despise marriage ,they should’ve abolished it altogether?What do they need it for?

    Their goal is to turn moral citizens into second class citizens

    What has this to do with “religious freedom” ?Or religion?It about being human!Basic Biology

    Till jews were given rights to advance the top of society,
    Non Jews kept these basic moral decencies

    Non Jews inherently are natural, in their insides they sense when something seems unnatural and wrong.

    It’s mostly jews who have rationalized perversions for others

    “A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society.”

    -Thomas Jefferson, 1792

    We were given a mission a few millenia ago,you desire obviously to Duk [sic] this mission and file chap.11 to your maker..