The Marlboro Man is Dead – Oy Vapor Supply Co. Blowout Sale




He was portrayed as a heroic cowboy on a glorious stallion.… That cool dude didn’t read the torah, and now he’s dead. “Take care of yourself, and guard your soul diligently” (Deuteronomy 4:9). Or “Bodily health and wellbeing are part of the path to G-d. One must therefore avoid anything that may harm the body and one must cultivate healthy habits” Maimonides Hilchot Deot 4:1.

What are smokers doing now that the Marlboro Man is dead? Hundreds of thousands of people are putting up a fight against smoking. It’s called vape, and it’s even Oxfords word of the year. Join the revolution, quit smoking and start vaping. You’ll be doing yourself, your family, and your friends a favor. If you already vape, why not shop with the best, Oy Vapor Supply Co.


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P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to the Marlboro Mans horse,  he died of second hand smoking. Vape On!!!


  1. Many vaping products have nicotine in them, so it’s like cigarettes without the smoke. Ask your doctor whether that’s really safe for you.

  2. I never smoked & B”H none of my children smoke.

    Having said that, the Marlboro Man had a nice run. He died at 85. A lot of health conscious freaks don’t live that long. So to use that as an advertising gimmick, is disingenouos & misleading.

  3. There is no supported evidence yet to show that Vapor is safer than smoking. There ought to be a disclaimer on this horrible advertisement.

    If you are quitting smoking, don’t do it by switching to Vape. Quit entirely.

  4. @yitzyk According to the American Cancer Society only 4% of smokers quit. Quiting smoking entirely is wishful hoping but tell that to the 96%

    @Rebbe Yid The effects of nicotine itself are similar to that other popular drug, caffeine. There is no evidence that nicotine causes any substantial risk for cancer, and the research shows that the risk for cardiovascular disease is minimal. The dangerous part of cigarettes are the carcinogens and other poisons in there.

  5. Definitely vaping is better then cigarettes there is no tar in vapor, and it doesn’t smell. But beside the point the Marlboro man’s death was the biggest advertisement for Phillip Morris. Any criticism of a product is an advertisement for the product.

  6. YWN editorial and production staff should not be advertising tobacco products of any kind. The major tobacco companies, who brought us 100 million deaths in the 20th century, projected to increase 10 fold in this century, have been convicted in the federal court of racketeering for deceiving the public about the harms and addictiveness of their products, are gaining prominence, and potentially dominance, in the vaping market, and it is not to get out of the extremely profitable cigarette market. Vaping products have nicotine, which is not only toxic, but addictive; as well as other dangerous ingredients. People want to believe that vaping helps smokers quit, but these products have not yet been required to be tested in clinical trials for smoking cessation, as nicotine gum and patches have, and even those have not been sufficiently effective.Substance abuse in society is being perpetuated through youth addiction as well as continued smoking among adult smokers. YWN, please use seichel here and do not be partner with an industry responsible for so much death and disease in the world.