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Cruz Super PACs Boost Their Fundraising Close to $38 Million

cruzSuper PACs helping Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win the Republican presidential nomination have raised almost $38 million.

That’s according to Dathan Voelter, a treasurer for the committees.

Just after Cruz announced his campaign in March, four super PACs with “Keep the Promise” in their names committed to giving him at least $31 million. They’ll have to report their fundraising details, including donors, to federal regulators by the end of July.

Cruz’s own campaign has raised $14.2 million, meaning supporters have put up about $52 million to help him through the Republican primaries. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is also making use of super PACS that don’t have campaign finance limits. His group Right to Rise is expected to report having raised as much as $100 million since January.


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