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The Demolition of Beit Dreinoff in Beit El is Underway

beFollowing the Supreme Court ruling earlier today, Wednesday, 13 Menachem Av, the demolition of Beit Dreinoff in the Shomron local municipality has begun. The ruling announced by the court was a last effort by the government to prevent implementation of the court’s ruling, that the complex must be razed by 31 July 2015 after the court ruled the neighborhood was built illegally, on Arab-owned land.

The last day in Beit El has been a somber one that included numerous rounds of confrontation between youths and police. A number of arrests were made and those detainees are being arraigned today. They are represented by attorneys from the Honenu organization. After the court on Wednesday announced the demolition must be carried out, Bayit Yehudi party leader Minister Naftali Bennett lamented the ruling, but stated there must not be violence in response to the ruling.

It is reported that following the court ruling, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave approval for constructing 300 units in Beit El. It is added that the prime minister already promised to build 300 housing units when the Ulpana neighborhood in that community was demolished in 2012, also in compliance with a High Court ruling. Those 300 units were never built.

The prime minister also reportedly approved 91 housing units in Pisgat Ze’ev, the additional planning of 24 additional units in that same northern Jerusalem neighborhood, 300 units in the Ramot neighborhood of the capital, 70 in southern Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood and finally 19 more in Har Choma.










(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Meir Tzibari)

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  1. The first step in building a new neighborhood, it seems, is getting judicial approval, that is stated cannot EVER, by any court, be rescinded.
    It is so sad, in human terms and economic, as well, to see a house almost built and then destroyed, even worse when people already live there.
    All these comings and goings(and other, soon to be realized(G-d forbid) events) have in them one primary cause JUDICIAL OVERREACH, something that a DEMOCRACY should NOT TOLERATE.
    Many frum Yidden are not going to realize it until it’s on their own doorstep, whether either in Eretz HaKodesh os in Chutz. (G-d forbid.)


  3. While settling Eretz Yisroel is a mitzva, the settlers have made it into an Avoda Zara that overrides all other halochos including theft, chillul hashem, pikuach nefesh, and shabbos as well as others.

  4. This is another digraceful day that will go down in infamy in Israel’s sorry History. The secular, G-d denying atheist’s that currently rule over the CORRUPT kangaroo courts, must be thrown out. The Arabs don’t have to fire a single shot. Just give it a little more time and Israel will self destruct!

  5. Re comment no. 3: I half agree with you. Someone has not learned the lessons of the Gush Katif evacuation. But I think it is frum settlers who ignore the rule of the law of the secular country they live in. When Hashem is ready to restore the Jews to Eretz Yisrael, He will do so. Until then, we must respect the secular law of wherever we live.

  6. It is really sad to see this again. The government should work together with the people so that this devastating destruction should never happen again.

  7. The land was built on privately owned land, and the owner objected from the beginning. In the US this wouldn’t happen since the developer could not start work until he was sure he could deliver an insurable title, and any title of check would have shown it was not owned by the people building the houses. In Israel, those building the houses wrongly assumed the government would confiscate the land and sell it to them (in all fairness, had Bayit Yehudi gotting 61 seats in the last election, that would have happened – but they didn’t).

  8. It is a shame that some people state as facts, untruths.
    Who is this “owner/”
    Someone who European or American sponsored NGOs paid to come forward and make an unprovable (because it’s false) claim?

    At the present time, most US courts do apply justice, especially in clear cut cases such as land ownership. Din malcus din applies in lands where a degree of justice applies.
    But is one commanded to follow a dictatorship which provides unequal distribution of “justice” to it’s residents? Should not a G-d fearing person protest against such injustice?
    What if the “justice”is directed such as to thwart people of the opportunity to do a mitzvah, directed against Torah?
    The courts in Israel are not chosen by a democratic system of government in Israel, they are akin to an “good ole’ boys” system.
    Is there ANY comparison to the present American system of justice?

    But if any indication of current US Supreme Court trends:
    don’t fret, coming soon to a theater near you.

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