High Court Does Not Show Mercy – Beit Dreinoff Must be Razed [UPDATED 11:32 IL]


dozerThe Supreme Court earlier on Wednesday, 13 Menachem Av, announced its verdict regarding the government’s attempt to save Beit Dreinoff in Beit El from destruction. The court ruled the demolition of 24 homes must take place by the end of July as per its earlier verdict. That means the buildings must be razed by midnight Thursday night.

Beit El was the scene of violence throughout the day on Tuesday as residents and supporters faced off against riot police that arrived during the predawn hours to remove people from the buildings.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that he is opposed to the razing of the complex but is compelled to adhere to rulings of the nation’s High Court of Justice. He promised the government was working to persuade the court to change its ruling but earlier Wednesday, the last effort to prevent the destruction of additional homes is Beit El failed.

Back in 2012, the Ulpana neighborhood of Beit El was razed by order of the High Court, displacing 33 families. As part of the agreement between the community and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, seeking to prevent confrontations with authorities, PM Netanyahu promised to build 300 homes in place of the 33 destroyed. The rabbonim and community leaders accepted the deal. The 300 homes have never been built.

11:32 IL: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for an urgent convening of his ministers to discuss the ramifications of the High Court’s decision.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Oh for goodness sake. We’re talking about a small development by a private contractor that was done without permits and, seemingly, without the developer actually owning the land. It was residents from the yishuv that complained to the authorities about the illegal construction and the rav of the yishuv has said that this is a matter of law enforcement, not of yishuv haaretz. Spinning it into a divisive issue of national politics is cynical, irresponsible and just plain wrong. This is not in any way a replay of Gush Katif or even of Amona. ‘High Court Does Not Show Mercy’, forsooth.

  2. Disgusting. What a crooked system, to destroy and evict Jewish families from their homes. Shame, shame on them. Rachmanut on these families.

  3. Netanyahu has been exposed for the lying skunk that he is! He is such a disgrace! He must of taken lessons from Bill Clinton, how to lie in someones face & keep getting away with it. How much longer can the Israeli people tolerate this lowlife?