Calls for Jerusalem Police Chief Edri to Step Down Following Stabbing Attack at Gay Parade


20150730173112 (1)Following the Thursday afternoon 14 Menachem Av attack at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, many are demanding the immediate resignation of Jerusalem Police Chief Moshe Edri, blaming him for the colossal failure that permitted the stabbing of six people, with some injured seriously. An investigation into the events that led to the security failure is underway.

Shai Schlisel, who was released from prison about three weeks before this attack, served a ten-year sentence for stabbing and wounding three people in a Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade a decade ago. The parole board did not remove a third from his sentence for good behavior as is customary, and he was therefore compelled to serve the entire ten years after being convicted of attempted murder. Critics exclaim that the writing was on the wall and the fact that Schlisel was able to get to the site and commit a second attack is inexcusable.

Schlisel was sentenced to prison after his first attack in 2005. Following a psychiatric exam, it was determined that he is fit to stand trial. Released three weeks ago, he repeated his act in another hate crime, this time wounding six people. It is added that Schlisel never expressed remorse, another reason his sentence was not reduced by one-third. After his release, he wrote a letter clearly indicating he was not remorseful and that he still poses a danger to the gay community.

It is added that during the parade in the capital on Thursday, Schlisel arrived at a Shufersal supermarket and hid from the hundreds of policemen who were instructed to be on the lookout for him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I am convinced that this attack was prearranged by the govt or by the leftists… something like the yigal amir theory…
    the govt and leftists wanted to prove a point… show how serious they take harrassment, discrimination or terror to this community… to prove themselves as a progressive mind govt.
    If I’m wrong then please answer these questions…
    Why were the countless notices this guy gave about coming to the parade with knives ignored?
    Why didn’t he receive something like a restaining order from the parade?
    Whats this PR campaign and visiting the toeva pple buy rabbanim going on? as if to say; you’re perfect!
    The sudden alliance with that community is so overboard…..
    its not just the incompetence of a police chief. it is something much greater than that.
    They knew they were releasing a man that noone came to pick up from prison. is divorced and has noone that can give him support or satisfaction in life. they basically released him to the streets….
    When you know how the leftists combined with sabra mentality work.. you have it here in this perfectly prearranged by govt story…

  2. I suspect that they davka let Schlisel do his damage so they can paint Chareidim in a bad light. Remember how they kept pushing Yigal Amir’s Yarlmuka back on his head whenever he was in front on the camera’s? The atheist Government that rules over the people loves to milk every opportunity to make Chareidim look bad & stupid.

  3. the people who are responsible are those in city hall who in spite of Jerusalem being the holy city and home to a vast majority of Jews who believe in the Torah yet these irresponsible dolts in city hall gave the ok for a disgusting parade that could have as easily ended with some one dead.

    It is the stupidity of the Jerusalem city council that needs to come under investigation too.