The ISA Arrests Nine Under Administrative Detention Orders


raidThe Honenu organization has already warned against what may be a “witch hunt” against the right-wing as the Security Cabinet has decided to crack down on Jewish terrorists.

The Security Cabinet recently ruled to crack down on Jews whom they feel pose a threat to national security and arrest them using administrative detention orders.

Adding to the list of Jews taken into custody by the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet), authorities raided the community of Adi Ahd in the Gush Shilo area of the Shomron and arrested two residents, both married with families. Police assigned to the National Serious Crimes Unit made the arrests, which officials hint may be linked to the fatal arson attack in the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Duma that claimed two lives and leaving two people in serious condition from burns.

Simultaneously, seven residents of an outpost near Kochav HaShachar, also in the Binyamin Regional Council of Shomron, were taken into custody. One is a family man and the others single. They are allegedly guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime.

Honenu attorney Adi Kedar laments the arrests, stating “Due to the fears of the public we are permitted to trample all the rights of residents of Yehuda and Shomron”, expressing growing concern regarding the use of administration detention orders.

Honenu attorney Itamar Ben-Givir insists the arrests are simply used as a tactic to calm the political situation. “I advise next time, simply take a tranquilizer and make do with that instead of infringing on the rights of others for no reason…We await the time when Arabs will also be arrested to camp the situation.”

In a related matter, it was reported on Sunday, 24 Menachem Av, that Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon signed a six-month detention order against Meir Ettinger and Avitar Slonim, both of whom were arrested last week.

Early Sunday afternoon Honenu reported at least 15 youths were arrested and questioned throughout the Binyamin Regional Council, adding some were released a short time after they were taken into custody. Honenu expresses serious concerns over the widespread arrests despite what appears to be a lack of evidence against most of the suspects.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The Zionist lie that they wont State of “Israel” to be “Jewish and Democratic” has been exposed. The State of “Israel” is neither Jewish or Democratic.

    And in this case it Shinbet and the rest of the regime acting like “radical extremists”?