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Bush, at Mexican Border, Denounces Trump’s Immigration Plan

jebRepublican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is going after Donald Trump’s immigration plan — this time during his own visit to the Mexican border.

The former Florida governor jabbed at Trump in a press conference Monday in McAllen, Texas. He says Trump’s plan is “not based in reality” and too expensive.

Earlier he met privately with officials in McAllen, which sits along the Rio Grande across from Reynosa, Mexico.

Trump took his 2016 Republican campaign to the Mexican border in July. He has proposed building a massive border fence and kicking out the nation’s estimated 11 million people who are in the U.S. illegally before allowing what he calls the “good ones” and “talented” ones to return.

Bush is bilingual and denounced his rival’s position on immigration mostly in Spanish.


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  1. Bush is clueless. It isn’t that he shouldn’t attack Trump’s nativist bigotry — all candidates should, and all Jews should support the calling out of such — but in the midst of this criticism Bush made a disparaging comment about Asians!

    Can’t the Republicans find SOMEONE who can speak without racism?

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